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4 Techniques to sell water to an ocean and still get a good deal

How would you sell something to someone who already believes they have the solution or sell services that seem impossible to sell? A business is only as good as the revenue it makes and sometimes it comes down to the marketing skills of the company. The nature of the company can become so good in selling such that daily you buy “new stuff “.  These are are not manipulative techniques they are just selling techniques which seem very different.

1. The Apple Microsoft Technique

Apple sells us the same brand and phone every year and we buy it. Adding one or to upgrades and making it into a culture. We like things and when hear that we will get something different we start to believe that we cannot live with what we have. So instead of promoting the old model Apple makes the new model seem like the business. The trick is in putting an improvement on your products. Do a windows game, make versions that you release yearly or periodically which are progressive with the right name of course. The more improvements that you have the more you sell water to the ocean

2. The MacDonald Technique

It might the same food or the same ingredients but varying sizes and presentation can keep people interested for a generation. The trick is knowing that people live actively on your product for 20 years or so before the next generation comes. So you have 20 years to keep them interested.  So this year you change the packaging, the next year you change the size, the next year you add more toppings, the next year you rebrand the sitting area, the next year you introduce new screens in the eating areas, the next year you change the slogan for one of the products, the next year you promote your service, before you know it you have gone for 7 years, and you can repeat the cycle to still keep the relationship working.

3. The Benz Technique

With this technique you sell expensive products but you vary them according to how much class or how much attention people have. So instead of doing one product you introduce classes of products. The cars still all get you to your destination but they make people feel a bit more classier than the next person.  So in each class you introduce different variations which people become familiar with and look for. In no time you will have a big brand business that sells expensive things to an expensive market.

4. The Spiderman and Bond Technique

How do you keep selling the same story over and over again, pressing repeat and people keep interested? You change the actor and make noise about it. James Bond is literally a repeating story,  villains, good guy and world is saved. Spiderman is the same, guy gets bitten by spider, likes a girl and wears a mask. The same thing applies to batman, superman, but the trick in this is changing the actor just at the right time, twice for the same generation and by the time you get to the next new actor you have a new generation.

There is more to selling water to an ocean and when you look at it closely, it keeps the world revolving and not boring. If we kept the same things we would get bored. Sometimes progress is about changing our perception of what we have to believe it’s new so that we get strength to deal with life better. So if you want a successful progressive business these are techniques that you can learn by observation.


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