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5 Business Networking Tips

Running a business requires that you keep different avenues open for business. Networking in business is essential for any business and must never be taken lightly. It is within networking that one can find new leads, better suppliers, new customers, and much more. We all go to meetings, workshops and different business associations, what is important then and there is how to make contact and keep it.

1. Be in a relevant group

The first thing in networking is to be part of a relevant group. There is no point being  an expert in plumbing but attending a computer convention. As much as you are good with pipes and all, the type of pipes that the computer convention would be interested will be very different.out of place

2. Know what you offer

Before anyone can be interested in your business, you must find yourself interesting. This means you must know exactly what you are selling not what you think others should know. It will be easier for you to introduce yourself if you know what you are all about.

3. Offer free advice when asked

The mistake that most people make is thinking that there are there to sell, no, you are there to make connections. The easiest way to keep connections is to offer something free. Offer to take a look at the person’s business, offer a free manual, offer a free book, drop them a template or two. The point is that you must not come out as trying to sell all the time. There must be an element of networking more than selling.

4. Always get in touch and keep in touch

If you have  exchanged numbers or contact details with someone you think is relevant to your business, then you must get in touch immediately. Don’t throw away the card or the number, keep in touch.

5. Make others win

If there is business that you can refer to the new networks, then go ahead and do it. Nothing builds relationships better than knowing that someone wants you to win. Make others win so that it is not only about you. No one likes a person who just takes and never gives.
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