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Chickens go on Strike in Zimbabwe

Why is it that whenever a person thinks of business most people think of starting a chicken business. We have seen so many business proposals for rearing chickens in Zimbabwe it would appear that’s all there is to it.

I can remember us growing up and Joseph Madimba reporting on a chicken strike. Now that was a news bulletin. The story  as was  told on ZBC in the early 90s narrated how chickens went on strike because there were not happy and that it would jeopardize the holidays. Now with the way we love chickens in Africa that would seriously be a disaster.

Now all joking aside, chickens do make a good business after all we do have KFC, Chicken Inn, Chicken Slice and hundreds if not thousands of takeaways which sell chickens. The only problem is that most chicken businesses are not organized enough. With a proper business plan and determined business expansion, one could surely dominate the business not just in Zimbabwe but in Africa. The other problem is that the product is tasty and we tend to want to eat the chickens as well. Not literally but eating the money and forgetting to expand. Who amongst the business people is willing to invest money into the business for expansion and think of eating later? At least spend five years re-investing into the business.

So should the chickens go on strike, maybe they should if this will help improve business. Here on UnlockedSuccess.com we thrive on giving you advice on how to best get success, so the question is what did we try to advise you just now? Just three things, be organized, re-invest and of course, have a business plan. Did anyone get that? Talk to us!

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