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How to start a business with 50 dollars today

Are you waiting to receive 10,000 dollars as capital for your business or more before you start a business? That may never happen and you might die before you do anything significant. Business is the exchange of a solution or anything valuable, If you are going to make money then you need to structure yourself well and be calm about it, it’s when you are in a rush that you get frustrated and lose heart. There are people out there who have started business with less and 50 dollars may sound like too little but its enough.

Business is the provision of a solution and a skill that you have is needed somewhere, you just have to find where it is needed.

Selling your skills Online

There are many people looking for skilled writers for their websites. Websites like fiverr give you an opportunity to market yourself and be available for making money. Mind you, in such markets where your skills are wanted you need to prove yourself.
There are many people looking for Microsoft PowerPoint experts or spreadsheet help.
What you need to decide is what you are prepared to offer. You can review ebooks and get paid if you like reading.

If you are going to sell any of your skills you need to ensure the following is in place

1. Good profile description of what you offer
2. Good picture of yourself not a mug shot but a head and shoulder picture
3. Easy contact details that you are available on soonest. No one wants to wait 24 hours before they can find you.

Home skills

If you are good at hair, baking, painting and more; these are all skills which can make money for you. A friend of mine makes 2-3000 dollars a month from his kiosk small business and he started off with less than 50 dollars. All it takes is selling one product at a time and in time the money and customers will grow. A good home business will usually take 3-6 months before it really matures.
The problem is when we expect thousands of dollars before you even have done any work on it. Starting with 50 dollars sounds so tedious but it makes sense once you are building it .

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There are so many tutoring opportunities its shocking why we never take them up. You can tutor from home or from a college. If you do it online it might cost you just about 50 dollars depending on your internet service. Tutoring is one of the coolest business as you are paid for your knowledge. Udemy offers great tutoring opportunities and its up to you to try it out. You just have to be organised and be presentable in your lesson delivery.


A domain and hosting services can cost you as little as 24 dollars or just under 30 dollars If you choose providers like godaddy or ipage, the choice is yours. If you want it for free then WordPress can be a good start. I would recommend that you buy a domain that makes your site professional. From there you need to decide what your business plan will be and people like David Risley can be of great assistance with good advice. Blogging is not for the faint hearted and takes a lot of networking and promotion to get your business model off the ground. However when given the right amount of time blogging can make you lots of money if organized properly.

Sell a Digital Product

Why not sell an eBook or any digital product that you are good at. It could be software or some templates or tools. All these will cost you less than 50 dollars. Submitting an eBook to Amazon or Samshwords is easy and free, you just have to be prepared to network and do a lot of work to make it sell. You need to be serious about it and not expect millions at one go.

Be a consultant

Consulting is the same as selling your skills except that your professional certifications open the door for you. You just have to perfect your skills in a field and create a name for yourself. You could start off by offering professional services for organizations in specific areas. After some time you will be well known in your industry. It takes a bit of networking. It also requires that you be good at making proposals that people can buy into.

For example if you are an auditor then build your profile of your professional qualifications and start making yourself available. Linkedin is critical for making people refer to you and what you do. If possible publish articles regularly in a newspaper for free or blog on what you do. People will exchange business with you once they realize that you are serious.

Other Business Ideas

Sell on behalf of others
If you don’t have anything of yours to sell them sell someone else’s stuff. There are so many things that you can can sell , from books to domains. The choice is yours. In your community find what you can sell for a commission. In most cases people will give you the goods to sell and they take their money after your sell.

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Do something
In some cultures its easier to find jobs as a nanny for a weekend for your neighbours, walking the dogs, being a tutor for the kids, and much more.

50 dollars is not a lot of money to start business with, you just need to decide what works for you and focus. Remember, it takes 3-6 months but in between you have to be doing something to promote and make it work. The largest companies were started for less and using the ideas stated above. Don’t wait for the 10,00 dollars to come tomorrow, start with what you can and build a foundation to create a bigger foundation for the 10,000 or more dollars

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