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If it’s raining, sell an umbrella

Today was raining buckets of rain and everyone was running up and down for cover. Some were cursing the rain because their latest hair do was on danger of getting soaked whilst others were just not in the mood for a second bath. However in looking closely at the scenario one could see that everyone needed an umbrella. This is the true thinking of an entrepreneur, knowing that business is the provision of a solution at the right time.

Look for the rain

There is no point in crying about the problems that everyone is facing when a solution is needed. If you are thinking of the next idea to make money then look for the rain. Look at what people are complaining about or struggling to fix, this is your gold mine. Listen at the bus stops, in restaurants, in public toilets, at the shops; in all these places are different problems and various solutions.
When it’s raining, people are more likely to demand an umbrella and buy it. Don’t be a cheat and overcharge but let the price be fair so that you are looked at with more respect after the rain is gone. Market research tells me that in the midst of the storm is the greatest calm for business, at the epicenter, this is where you want to be.

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Get wet to understand the rain

It’s all good to manufacture the umbrella but if you have never gotten wet you might never understand just how effective the umbrella must be. You cannot create a drive-in when you have never waited for food and never experienced your own service. Experience the rain to understand the product. The more you understand the problem the more the solution will make sense to you.

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Call the rain for what it is

You can’t sell an umbrella by saying that it protects you from H2O, that makes no sense to anyone. People buy what they understand. The rain is great for business but the umbrella is perfect if it catches the rain in its communication. Until you speak the local language you can’t sell your umbrella. People don’t buy what is unfamiliar they buy words and emotions that they speak and feel. Your language must capture the emotion of the client or would be customer. You can’t advertise using a dictionary or encyclopaedia, use common language.

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Sell an umbrella during the time of rain

Your most umbrella sales will happen when it is raining. When it is not raining there will be no sales or very few sales. Umbrellas sell the most during the rain. Promoting an umbrella during a dry winter is like asking people to imagine something they have never seen, out of sight out of demand. Business is about selling reminders of emotions, if people can’t relate they cannot buy. So the next time you want to sell an umbrella check the weather to see if it is raining.

Business is not that complicated what is complicated is expecting someone else to come up with the solution. If it is raining then sell an umbrella.

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