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Staying ahead of competition in business, 3 areas

Business optimisation is critical for any company to stay ahead of the competition. Everyday there is a new business  or new competition threat to the success of any business. The Business Process Optimisation (BPO) model as propounded by Unlocked Success looks at three areas that a business can operate in.
The BPO model looks at clients,  products and systems. Think of this as a triangle relationship in which all three  need each other.


To stay ahead of the competition you must be first in the mind of the customer if you are not first then it becomes difficult to stay ahead of the competition.  For business to be in existence it must meet the requirements of the customer, the failure to meet those requirements will result in the company failing to make any meaningful revenue.
Knowing the clients needs is key to making money.  A few questions are key to being able to meet the client needs
1. What does the client need?
2. Why does the client need what they need?
3. Who is the client?
4.  How does the client want the product?
5. When does the client want the product?
Being able to answer these questions is critical for enabling the following

  • Packaging of the client need
  • Marketing the client  need
  • Delivering the client need


The product is what the client needs,wants and demands . It is what the client will want in exchange for their money. It is thus important that  the product be as according to the expectations of the client. When a client walks into the business they have a particular imagination in that they have about the product.
Your mandate as the business person is to be able to satisfy the client’s imagination.  From an understanding,  the product is a sum of its packaging and every business  element around the product.  A good product has the following attributes in Business Optimisation
1. Reliability
2. Quality
3. Easy to use
4. Satisfactory
5. Relevance
6. Usefulness
7. Competitiveness

Repeat clients are a result of a product that stands up to these factors.


A business is a sum of all its systems. Some of these systems include, procedures, policies, people, applications, service delivery,  communication, research and development,  training and so much more. If the business systems are not optimised then that business will fail. Competition is basically on two levels for all business
1. Effectiveness
2. Efficiency
If any system cannot stand up to these two it is difficult for that business to stand up to competition.

In optimising a business Clients, Products, and Systems must be connected.  They have to interwork regularly in order to enable the business to stay ahead of competition.
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