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Success Tips for starting a business website

Starting a business can be an exciting or daunting task which can get complicated when it is time to decide the best website to do for your business. There are different things to consider when starting  your website for your business. Your website represents you when you are not there so in real sense it is a big deal.

Know what you want

There is no point in rushing to build a website before you know what you want the website to have. There is need to figure out what the website is going to achieve for you. A few questions are important

  1. Is the website going to convert visitors to sales?
  2. Are visitors going to find it interesting?
  3. How much information will be on the website?
  4. What questions will the website answer?
  5. Who is your target for the website?
  6. What products will feature on the website?

The more questions you ask the easier it will be to come up with the website concept that you want. A good website for business has the following things

  1. Communicates well with its visitors
  2. Is easy to navigate and has an easy menu system
  3. Has a color scheme and design appropriate to its audience
  4. Looks professional enough to be a business site

Select your Hosting Service wisely

There are many hosting services out there that will promise you many things. However there are a few basic things that you must worry about besides the pricing. My favorite considerations include the following

  1. Client service availability: This is a favorite of mine and deserves attention. Once in a while you will need assistance with your website. If the website hosting company is worth its salt then they should be able to provide you with the assistance that you need in time. Hint (I normally look for chat service and free toll number. )
  2. Easy interface
  3. Great add-on
  4. Good website builder
  5. Unlimited emails and storage considerations
  6. Other people’s reviews

Some of the website hosts to consider include ipage, bluehost, siteground, godaddy,

There is no point in selecting a website provider who is never up or never supportive enough. Be wise, not every cheap hosting service is a cost effective site. Your business needs to make money and your website facilitates for that. If  you go just for any provider that lacks trust but is cheap you might pay more for the website.

Select the Best Template Possible

If you are going to have the best website possible then start thinking about the website template and how it will look. There are many different website templates out there that you can use. An easy option is the  TemplateMonster  who  have developed 50,000 templates to date.

Your business deserves to look its best, so don’t compromise on the look and feel. Shop around  until you find what you really want. Y0u could choose joomla or wordpress; or whatever is easy for you but make sure it has a professional look and touch.

Build Your site and Test it

As exciting as it is to build your site you also need to test it to ensure that it delivers on what you want. This includes looking out for the following (key but not exhaustive list)

  1. Dead links
  2. Missing contact information
  3. Out of place alignment of pictures and text
  4. Not so visible font
  5. Confusing navigation
  6. Wrong menu concepts
  7. Grammar and spelling mistakes

Once you have these done you now have a website and the next thing for you is to promote and advertise your website. Remember you website is your business representative and the it communicates in your absence. If your website is designed well it will eventually bring in the numbers and keep them as you promote the business. A good website makes a good first time impression.

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