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5 Steps for Resolutions into the next year

When year end comes there is always need to make that resolution that makes a difference in your life. You might want to change the value of your possessions, starting a new business, starting a new career, learning new things, or even moving to a new place. We can get lost in

10 Reasons Why You are your own Nightmare

Success come as you look for it but sometimes we are our own worst nightmare on how we look for success. We many not realize it but we tend to shoot ourselves in the foot such that the walk to success is no longer as easy as it is meant

4 Reasons to be Calm to find Success

Within the calmness of the mind is the alignment of power. Nature teaches us that the center of the hurricane is the calmness which is critical to the formation of the destructive power of the hurricane. Success requires a level of calmness which can help us to focus more on

7 Things to do when your dream is sabotaged 

Sadly when pursuing success or objectives that you believe in you will be sabotaged by different people. Sometimes the people who sabotage you can be the closest people to you who can end up making you focus on the things which are not your dreams. Others could be your business

5 Ways to Pay yourself in Life

You probably work hard in your private and professional life to get through the day, weeks, months, quarters and years. Once in a while you deserve time off to just treat yourself over the number of time periods that are available to you. It is so easy to get carried away

5 Reasons why success looks for a Mentor and not a Savior

When you need a mentor never look for a savior. There is a tendency for people to look for someone who is going to solve all their problems and give them a sudden uplift that changes their lives. That is not how success works, it is not a sudden thing

5 Ways to move beyond words to find success

Talking about success is a good thing however it is one thing to talk about it and another to be successful. There are times when action needs to back up all the talk because life is not just about words but it is about words that have been implemented into

Success is a role you play

When you look at the world it is full of different players who contribute one way or the other on life. Each person has a role on the earth which they play, whether with negative or positive influences they still play a part. Figure out your role If you are going to


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