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10 Reasons Why You are your own Nightmare

Success come as you look for it but sometimes we are our own worst nightmare on how we look for success. We many not realize it but we tend to shoot ourselves in the foot such that the walk to success is no longer as easy as it is meant to be. We have compiled 10 ways that you are your own worst nightmare which you do knowingly or unknowingly.

1. You wait for people

It is good that you like to work with people but they are times when the same people drag you or to be honest they never really get going. So as much as you wait for them, opportunities that you were supposed to take on leave you and go.  Opportunity is like a bus that leaves at 7 am, you and your friends have arranged to travel together but you are coming from different houses so you will meet at the bus stop. Each person will wake up according to their ability, time and place, such that they also use their own transport to get to the bus. If your friends are not the early type they will be late. Picture that the bus will not leave after 7 am but keeps to its schedule and will leave at exactly 7 am. You might get there early but if your friends are late you will miss the bus, consider that if the bus goes that means you have lost an opportunity, time, and a day’s journey is affected.

2. You think the world is fair

The world is not fair, while you are sleeping someone can be implementing your idea or dreaming of the same idea that you had. In time they will implement what you thought was the greatest escape route to success. No one will come and hand you a silver plate of goodies and say everything is ok. You need to create your own plate of goodies that you can work with. In time you will create the fairness that you believe should be there. You must never compromise your thinking for the fairness of the world.

3. You live one day at a time

We all know the advice that says take each day as it comes or live one day at a time, as much as this is wonderful it is also not absolutely true. You live life and each day is a brick in the final house. When you are building a house, you don’t just start by laying out the bricks, you start by envisioning the complete house, in other words, you draw the plans so that you have a guide. Living one day at a time without the complete plan of what you want to achieve is like laying bricks without the house plan and hope that a beautiful and strong house will be the result.

4. You think proven failure will change

If you keep working with people who are a proven disappointment you will lose continuously. Some of the crazy things is when we keep doing the same thin and expect that change will come. If you want to be a millionaire and will you do is sell 10 tomatoes per day then your dream of becoming a millionaire is just wishful thinking. You have to go beyond thinking in such and think bigger. Proven failure will not become proven success, move on to bigger and better things. Failure is when two non-performing companies come together and expect that they will become successful, all that they would have done is create a bigger amplified version of their failures.

5. You shoot the people that are your support

Success is not a isolated event, it happens in an environment. Every environment has people that you can work with or that you can rely on. Shooting your support system is like a manager who gets a new job. Whilst they are are still on probation in their first month they fire most of the workers  in their department. All they have done is destroy the institutional knowledge that was going to help them understand the company, they have destroyed the trust of the employees who are left and no one will work with them. When you are climbing up the ladder for success, don’t step on the people that you need to hold up the ladder for you.

6. You think you know everything

No one knows everything, and you shoot yourself clean when you think you are the master of all things that are happening. Knowledge is everywhere and even the person with the lowest IQ knows something that you don’t know. Always give yourself time to understand how it all goes. Success is about expertise knowledge, it is about being able to solve a particular problem. No success is ever general, no politician succeeds by not being known for something. You may not know everything but know something but never think you know it all.

7. You are not branded

Success is a brand that is recognizable hence it is an impression. Until you brand yourself, you are only shooting yourself. Always take time to understand what you need to do in life and present yourself as such. Success becomes success when it comes to life as the brand that it presents itself as. We work according to how we present ourselves and the impression that we make will determine the success that we become. Find your branding in life and live to it.

8. You volunteer information before its time

Some strategies are best kept in secret, when they are let out they become the ammunition that your enemies need to take you down. Don’t volunteer information before its time, always assess and keep your cards close to your chest. The success of tomorrow is not determined by the amount of bragging that you did but the bragging of tomorrow is determined by the success of tomorrow. Too much talking will only expose you to losses that you were not prepared for. It is best to keep quiet after all a fool will seem wise as long as their words remain close to their chest.

9. You are emotional about everything

Passion is good but emotional decisions are not passion they are a trap. Never make a decision based on emotions, be rational and logical. Calculate what is true and what is not, work with what makes sense to you not what others say. In time it will be obvious what you are passionate about. Emotional decisions are like a romantic fantasy, it makes your heart beat but makes your failure become the loudest noise. Take your time to understand what it is that you want and what you need. If it makes sense then be honest with yourself and then act. Life is about time not emotions, emotions are about expression not success.

10. You are your worst nightmare

The last reason why you are your own nightmare is because you are your worst motivator. You never have good things to say about yourself. You never treat yourself or spoil yourself. You never give yourself enough time to just smile and be happy, you just don’t understand yourself. You have no good things to say about yourself. In short you are simply your own worst nightmare.






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