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4 Reasons to be Calm to find Success

Within the calmness of the mind is the alignment of power. Nature teaches us that the center of the hurricane is the calmness which is critical to the formation of the destructive power of the hurricane. Success requires a level of calmness which can help us to focus more on what we really want to achieve.

1. Calmness creates purpose

If the driver of the bus was always panicking then the bus would certainly have countless number of accidents. If the president of the world’s most powerful nation was trigger happy then the world would sooner than later be plunged into a dark age. The solution of an argument is the compromise of calmness, the understanding of a situation is the peace of mind that listens. For everything that is or which is to be, there is a centre which must drive it to execution. The calmer the driver the better the judgments and the closer to perfection is the execution.

2. Calmness is power

Do not be fooled, being calm is not being quiet, neither is it being weak, and it will never mean being passive. Being calm is a state from which life’s greatest activities are driven and achieved. In calmness is the greatest manipulation and the best violence, just look at the power of the hurricane.

3. Calmness is a cause and effect

Panic breeds reaction and reaction which is not thought out will breed regrets. A gentle tongue turns away wrath whilst an agitated tone promotes irritation. The peace within the room is maintained by a cool head whilst the hot head plants seeds of strife. The strength of any relationship is found in tolerance and patience, the love of any person is grounded in a heart that has entered a rest. The calm pace of an explanation assures the audience but the rushed definition brings doubt and mistrust. A calm king is deemed as wise whilst a noisy king is thought of as a simpleton. The best gardens maintain their beauty in a calm atmosphere and the turbulent weather promotes disorder in the plant world.

4. Calmness is many things disguised

The victory of calm is when in your mind you can maintain peace when life is disorderly; it is the love that is found in the coolness of patience, the truth that is maintained at the threat of violence, the greatness that calms the opposition of life. The victory of calm will always prove itself in time; calmness will outlast all panic and will outdo all imaginations. Be still in your heart and mind; and you will align to the power of any situation. Life is a state of calm in which power is connected between all. Detach yourself from panic and attach yourself to calmness.

Original Article was first written by Winston in https://jplan.wordpress.com/2012/01/20/the-victory-of-calm/




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