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5 Goodbye decisions that can make you succeed

In order to succeed you need to make a few drastic changes which are personal and need you to sacrifice your preferences. Saying good bye can be painful but if you want to succeed there are a few goodbye decisions that are necessary in order to succeed.

1. Opportunity does not always fit your skills

As much as you are educated and trained in a particular field there will be a time when opportunity comes which does not fit your skill. You will recognize that it is an opportunity but t is now up to you to say goodbye to your notion that only your training will make you succeed. So most people ignore opportunities because they are waiting for a moment which will present to them a specific chance to use their skill, that might never happen in their life. Your good bye decision in this case can make you a millionaire. Acquiring a new skill is also another way of increasing your opportunities for success.

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2. Some partnerships only make you slow

There is strength in number but some numbers are too odd to give you an even chance in life. If you are surrounded by people who are at odds with what you believe in or what you need to achieve then you have to go beyond them and start functioning at another level. You will have to say goodbye to some relationships that do not really help you to move forward. Instead of providing you with strength some relationships give you more worries than inspiration, in that case it is time to say goodbye.

3. Work and Bosses that do not allow you to grow

Some people just want to keep you at their level so that they feel better than you. At work your boss might not let you be creative or enterprising because he feels that he is in charge all the time. A true leader gives you room to grow and coaches you to go beyond the skills you arrived with. A bad leader conditions you to remain the same or even seem incompetent. You have to say goodbye to some bosses that are not good for your development.

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4. Habits that are not progressive for you

There are habits that you should let go which are not progressive. Your success is the sum of all your habits, both negative and positive. If your habits are always a step back or keeping still then you will never progress. Some habits alienate you from success by eliminating your networking opportunities. Success is also the number of networks that you can build. In the absence of good networks one will find it difficult to connect the numbers in their right sequence. Say goodbye to habits that keep you down or habits that make you lose out on real opportunities. Failing to wake up when you should, not keeping time or simply not keeping your word.

5. Markets that are not for you

You might have a brilliant idea but it might be in the wrong market. You have to be prepared to leave certain places in order to succeed in the right market place. Globalization allows for business to grow beyond their smaller markets. When the market is saturated a true global company can move to a new place, not necessarily saying goodbye to their native markets but going to a new place with their new product. Changing location can be a daunting task but there is always a way to do it. Online products or online skills provision is one way to do it, that way you reach a community which may not necessarily be available to you in normal circumstances. Another way to say goodbye to your new market is simply to create a new market with a new product.

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  1. Powerful write up. Many of us have remained in our country industry hoping our trained skills will unlock huge breakthroughs. We keep waiting for that ‘opportunity’ in the same industry… and how wrong we all are.
    A huge eye opener this…Well written article.

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