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5 Reasons you are afraid of moving on in life

Movement is progress and as often noted in on this site, one step forward if a 100% more progress than standing still. However with movement comes the fear of that change and that fear being specifically a fear of movement. There are times when you need to let go of what you know or rather what you are familiar with and get exposed to new things that will unlock your mind  and bring you greater success.

1. Movement requires new sweat

When one needs to move on in life there is a lot of work that is needed in order to get to the destination and adjust. This work is what we are afraid of sometimes. It means that we start doing what we are not used to in terms of routines and not many people like changing routines. We then look at how much needs to be done or covered and we start doubting ourselves and fear creeps in. An example is a traffic jam, it is easy to detour but we never really detour. We might be seeing just how bad the traffic jam is and what is causing it but we never dare move to a new road, it would take so much effort, at least that is what we think.  The thing about life is, nothing new or good ever happens without movement. Until you move to where opportunity can find you you might never succeed.

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2. Movement means turning your back

We don’t like not seeing what we are familiar with, hence we don’t like movement.  You get what you see, and what you see is what you will move towards. A driver knows that a car always goes where the driver is looking most of the times. Sometimes it’s not about the sweat but it is about I have to stop seeing what I see today and starting getting used to new things. Seeing is about understanding and knowledge, when we don’t understand what we see, we get nervous, lose our courage and fear takes hold. Movement means turning your back on what you are familiar with and sometimes it just has to be done. If you are not moving you cannot pursue, overtake and recover.

3. Movement means making new alliances and relationships

You know you have to move but you start thinking about the new alliances that you will need to make and how you will create new relationships. Life is about alliances but progress is about how well you manage new relationships. The same old relationship have a ceiling in business. There is only so much you can get out of the same relationship. For a business to become bigger than what it is, it needs new relationships with clients and suppliers. Until you cross the border you cannot shake a new hand. If we are afraid of making new alliances then we have no right to think globally.

4. Movement requires one to be different

When movement is a personal decision with no group assistance it becomes more scarier. When you have to be the only one going in a different direction from the crowd it seems like madness, however greatness can only stand out if it stands aside from the crowd. When everyone else is going north and your movement needs to take you south it will seem crazy that you are the only one who wants to go in a different direction.

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5. Movement is new emotions

In order for you to move there is need for an emotional change or freeze, either way it is emotional. Just thinking of moving can make us more anxious and less willing to make the decision. We start to feel uncertain or unsure on how to actually do it. In the end we start to question ourselves on why we are even contemplating such a thing. Movement is good for us but we need to be able to take the plunge. Until we learn how to control our emotions we will be trapped in an emotional prison. The worst prison is not the physical walls but rather the emotional psychological walls that are in our minds whose foundation is fear.

You cannot progress in life while you are still exposed to the same things. You need to grow in experience and experience only comes with new things. Practice is perfect but practice is experience to only one thing. Find new places to go, new skills to try out and new alliances to grow your brand or business. It takes time and risk but be calculative with greater purpose. Also read How Fear Affects your Life

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