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5 Steps for Resolutions into the next year

When year end comes there is always need to make that resolution that makes a difference in your life. You might want to change the value of your possessions, starting a new business, starting a new career, learning new things, or even moving to a new place. We can get lost in just naming things but to really decide what you want to do is important. Today we are borrowing a few concepts from the book “The Five Principles of Programmed Success”

1. Logical Choice for value

What ever it is that you must decide to work on for 2017 must make sense and must be able to be explained. Your choice for 2017 must enable you to get value. There is no point in learning how to fix DVD players when it is clear that you will never have such a career when your profession is being an accountant. Value means that it will have meaning in your life, such that you will be able to look back and find some satisfaction. Travelling has value in being able to experience something new, so it is always a good choice but don’t travel to a war zone where you could be killed. Don’t just choose things that have no meaning to you, choose that which will make a positive impact on you. Deciding to smoke marijuana is not a logical choice, neither is drinking yourself senseless. Find things that will add to your health, your economy and social aspect.

2. It is realistic

It is one thing to dream, but is another thing to bring the dream into reality. The difference between success and failure can be as simply as dreams that are worked on. When choosing something to do for the next year then choose something that is within your grasp which if you are able to plan for you can achieve it. You cannot at the age of 27 decide that next year you want to be president of the United States, when it is obvious that you have to be at a certain age, have a probable following, be respected and posses a track record of some sort. We fail not because our dreams are impossible but because our reality setting is impossible for our dreams.

3. Too many steps beyond

When we are planning for the coming year there might be a tendency to reach for the stars though the moon is closer. There is nothing wrong in dreaming big but sometimes you need to conquer the moon before the stars. If NASSA wants to go to mars then they need to first go to the moon, only then can they judge their capacity and ability. Sometimes we want to extend ourselves before we learn to stretch. The journey to mars must pass different hurdles and if we are not built to pass those hurdles then we may never get to where we want.

4. Goals that heave no future

“Next year I want to buy  Mercedes Benz” is a good goal, but the question that will come is after you buy the Benz then what? Some goals have value but have no future. A friend of mine bought a benz because it was their dream car, after six months they could no longer manage to fuel and service it, but they had achieved their goal. In the end they spent most of their money on the benz but the future of driving the car made no sense to them such that the Benz became a source of irritation. How do you know your goal is not the best at the moment? When you cannot afford your goal or sustain it after you get it then you  know that it has no future in life.

5. Mortgage other dreams

Some dreams mortgage your future successes. For example you could have a dream to buy a truck for 20,000 dollars but at the same time you need to go to school for a new degree. So you take a loan for the car and your monthly installment could be 500 dollars such that your budget is stretched. Now you could have enrolled for school and you need to be paying about 300 dollars per month, but  because of your 4 year loan, it might be difficult to achieve your dream of finishing school. The car loan would have mortgaged your other dreams. There are many goals like that which eat up other dreams that are easier to achieve. Am not saying take the easy road but rather take the road that your capacity can manage. Don’t waste time and resources on goals that mortgage your other dreams.

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