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5 things a woman wants from a man

What do women want is a common question which most men ask. The answers can be varied if it is the men discussing by themselves with a bit of misguidance. Here is our top 5 of things that women want to guide men out there with.

1. Be Straight up and be simple

No need to be all complicated and read like an encyclopedia of news. It is like meeting a guy who needs decryption all the time and the woman needs to find a key that will enable her to be able to communicate with her man. If you are a man and you want to have a meaningful relationship then throw away the trying to impress jargon and be straight up. Get to the point and express yourself.

2. Listen, Listen and Listen More

Never pretend to listen but be honest. Ask questions when in doubt. Every woman wants to know that she is being heard and listened to. Face it, women have more to talk about and it would be good if you participate in the conversation.

3. Notice and be attentive

If a lady changes her hair today or gets new things it would be nice for you to notice. Be attentive as a guy and notice what’s going around your woman. A genuine compliment will not hurt here and there, don’t be stingy with those.

4. A real man who is dependable, who is there

Be there when needed. There is really nothing more to it. A real man needs to know that a woman will need them and he has to be able to be there. Yes, you may have a game of soccer, football, wrestling or whatever it is that is there but it is important to be there as well.

5. Be happy and open

Don’t be a closed book, be open and happy. Smile and do not complicate things. Every woman wants to be happy in the same way you as a man want to happy. No one wants to be sad. Don’t be all serious all the time; there is enough of serious in the world. A relationship is a place of hope, strength and positivity. Be honest about things but don’t get drowned in them. Leave a lot of room for happiness.

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