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5 Ways to Influence your “Luck” for success

Everyone wants to have an extra advantage in life and hence influencing one’s “Luck” is something that is craved by many people.There is a success principle from the book “Five Principles of Programmed Success” states that availability results in opportunity. Chance will happen to everyone but not everyone will utilize the opportunity.

Understand how Chance Occurs

Chance simply is the fact that there will always be an opportunity that will be available for anything and everything. So seasons will come and go in agriculture, droughts will occur, hence everyone gets an opportunity. Perhaps a more powerful observation is that it rains on both the good and the bad, life happens to all no matter who you are, everyone has the right to breathe.

1. Make sure your skills are at an optimum

Chance will happen to everyone, but when it happens you must be fit  enough to take advantage of it. So if it is a job that requires you to drive then make sure you have a driving license. A Michael Jordan cannot be discovered unless if his skills are at the best possible for discovery. If the talent scouts come calling around then our Michael Jordan must be ready and fit.

2. Be at the Right Place not necessarily at the right time

Sometimes you just need to be at the right place but not necessarily at the right time. Opportunity may not always coming calling according to your skillsBusiness is the provision of solutions and sometimes the solution you have might be from being at the right place which taught you solutions for another place in another time. Think of it as exposure for another time. So sometimes you need to make sure you hang out in places which will expose you to different lifestyles for better thinking for the future

3. Speak when required and when needed

Opportunity comes through communication as well. Being able to say the right things at the right time cannot be over emphasized. A lot of people speak but it is not the quantity of words that measure a person but the quality of words. Speak when required and when needed not when you feel like it. The difference between a great speaker and an waffler is the choice of words and the timing of the speech. There is no use of being a great orator speaking to kids about the economy when all they want is milk.

4. Hang out with those that are progressive

Non-progressive people are where they are because they never take opportunity when chance happens to them. Progressive people are where they are because they take opportunity when chance occurs. Learn from the best to be the best. If you want to succeed in life then make sure that you aim for a higher standard which means learn from the best.

5. Take Risk once in a while

You cannot cross the fence unless if you are prepared to leave where you are

No pain no gain , and if you don’t sow you cannot reap the rewards. A business is an investment and without sacrifice there is no return on investment. Until you take a risk you cannot discoverer the possibilities of success. Success is 100% risk hence those who succeed are risk takers. If you want to explain your life look at the risks that you have taken whether calculated or not. Until you learn that failure is an opportunity as well you cannot succeed. Failure is an elimination of what does not work, when you fail you are simply eliminating a method or trend that was not best suited for you.

In conclusion, until you are ready to take a chance you are not ready for an opportunity for success. The harvest of success can only happen to a person who is ready to run the race of achievement. It is up to you to influence “Luck” but you cannot win a race if you are not a participant.

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