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7 Mistaken beliefs about faith for success

There are 7 mistaken beliefs about faith and how it relates to success. Sometimes it feels like having faith is an excuse to being lazy. Success cannot come out of laziness despite what people think. Being smart and being lazy are not the same thing as some people think doing things smart equals to laziness. Being smart is an advanced level of working hard.

1. Success is just a result of hard work

The technical definition for faith is belief + work. Believing in something is in its own right  an effort that one has to put in. You cannot just expect things to work for your own good unless if you truly believe. Success comes to those who believe and in believing they start putting themselves in the right place.

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2. As a man thinketh so is he

As a man thinketh so is he but as a man implements so is his success. Thinking about something makes you a substance of what you think about but implementing what you believe in makes you into a manifestation of evidence of what you believe in. You might think right but if you never act you are no different from the dreamers next to you.


3. By Just saying a word you will be rich

Speaking success but never fulfilling the word is of no consequence. Some words are vain if they have no purpose backed up by actual actions. So declaring things endlessly but never getting into the market is like a political commentator who says they know what the people want but has no power to give them what they want.

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4. Faith is Religion and Success is Worldly

Faith is everywhere in all things. When you travel by plane you still have faith that you will arrive at your destination, when you go to sleep you have faith that you will wake up, when you plan for tomorrow you have faith that a tomorrow will exist.


5. If you believe then the world will give it to you

Only those who deserve will reap, but only those who are prepared to sweat will plant in order to reap. Thinking that because you believe in something it means it is going to come to you on a silver platter is a mistake. As noted, the most violent will take it by force. Be smart and wise. The world never gives anyone anything willingly because of faith.

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6. Faith Belongs to particular men and women

Everyone practices faith and everyone has a right to success. If you spend your entire life waiting for someone else to come and make you successful through their faith, it might never happen. You have to rise to the occasion and make it happen.


7. Only Big faith will get you success

It is not the size of the seedIt’s not the size of the seed that matters, it is the existence of the seed that will grow a tree. If you spend all your life looking for big faith you might neglect the spark of faith that can ignite a fire. Its the small match stick that will get you a fire, not a torch of fire.

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