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7 Things you must do in life to feel alive

Your life is an adventure that you must fulfill with different things. Life was never meant to be dull but exciting and the sooner we accept that the happier you will be. We have compiled 7 things that we feel you must do in your life to feel alive. These are not your bucket list but rather things that we think you deserve to do which will set you up for success in life. These are simple things with no level of difficulties; this list does not require a great deal of money but just needs you to live a little.

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1.     Travel

The earth is our home, so why not discover new things and new places. Travel at least once a year. Go to different places. The more you travel the more you open up your mind to new thinking. People who travel have  more exposure and their imagination is more active in general. So besides being fun, traveling is a good way to improve your capabilities.

2.     Give something away

We live in a society with so much around us. Generosity is a good fundamental aspect of us being human. If people did not give to each other there would be progress. So find something to give and give away for good.

3.     Love someone

Love is a wonderful thing, so don’t live life without it. Love someone, you must not expect anything in return just love. We are creatures of emotions so love is one way to express ourselves and it so happens to be the greatest form of expression.

4.     Serve

Find something that you like or you believe you can do and give of your service. Use your skills for the benefit of others. Find a place that you can volunteer and be a regular for some time. You will feel different from the moment you decide to serve.

5.     Build something

Leave a legacy of your life and create something. Build something that you can be proud of that  people will remember you for. It does not have to be spectacular but make it worth your time and your pride.

6.     Learn something challenging

We are a progressive race and learning is one way we can feel fulfilled. Find a program , degree, course or any life skill and learn it. Keep challenging yourself so that you can be better. The more you learn new things the more fun you will have in life. Life is an adventure so live it your best capacity.

7.     Exercise your Body and eat healthy

Find a place to do exercise regularly, or walk where you can. Climb stairs and run where you can. Exercise regularly and eat healthy. Don’t stuff yourself with junk food; let your main diet be healthy food.


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