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9 Relationship killer words and phrases

There are words that should just not be used in a relationship. These words are what we are calling relationship killer words. They are easy to say but have everlasting impact on the relationship one might have

1. Useless

Think how you would feel if someone called you useless, you would really feel useless and unappreciated. So whether you are talking to your brother, sister or partner never call the other person useless.

2. No comment

This is a combination of two words with devastating impact. There is a reason why politicians use these words. It disarms the other person and lets them know that there is no relationship hence they are not compelled to say anything. If you can’t say something  just tell the person that you can’t say anything at that moment instead of saying no comment.

3. Stupid

If you have ever been insulted then stupid is not the word you would prefer to be insulted with. It’s an insult to ones intelligence which just turns off anyone who might have had hope in any relationship.

4. Be reasonable

It sounds as if it is saying you are not thinking and that you are unfair, hence the words be reasonable are not the best words to use especially when you think you need to win an argument. Instead of saying be reasonable try to bring the reasoning out. Saying be reasonable does not really make anyone reasonable.

5. You always

This combination of words is like a confession that whatever follows after wards  is what you always think about the person. It kind of brings the past memories And nullifies any other experience with whatever is being said at that moment.

6. Please think

Like stupid,  this phrase appeals to the intellect of the other person and informs them that they don’t think. Now every person who sees themselves as alive believes they think, to  then be told that they don’t think is not the best thing that could ever be said to another human being.

7. Pathetic

Your idea is pathetic!  This is a killer word and should not be used in a relationship.  It is so strong in that it destroys the person’s hope and aspirations.  If something is not right it should be said and such words as pathetic should be left out.

8. It’s my life

If you want to shut out anyone just tell them that it is your life. After saying such words it’s really difficult for anyone to ever approach you, they will feel like they have no impact and are not important.  Yes it is your life, but if you are in a relationship there is an expectation to share. Remember the saying that sharing is caring, it still applies.

9. I know that

A know it all is a person who thinks they know everything. So when another person is sharing with you and all you can say is “I know that”or ” I already knew that”, that will kill interest in sharing anything with you. Sometimes it’s best to say “oh I remember”, and let the person continue.

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