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Building the bigger picture with 4 small things

The most beautiful picture is a sum of the little pixels that make it. In other words if the small things are not in place the bigger picture will never be right. The Monalisa is what it is because the painter got the paint brush right for the small details. When creating anything that is going to be of significance there are 4 things that you must be wary of. These may seem small but they make up the bigger picture.

1. Quality

When building a house one requires small bricks to make up the wall. If the bricks are not strong in their own individual strength eventually that house will develop cracks and calamity would be the end result. Building a successful bigger picture requires that attention be paid to the quality of the smallest things. I am not saying sweat the small stuff I am just saying be about quality.
Building the bigger picture is like the creation of a team, the results of the team are a reflection of the team play, but that team play is determined by the capacity of each team member. Not everyone can belong to any team, the objective of the team determines the quality of the team members required.

2. Positioning

Each small item has its right place. Placing everything any where is like the sun and the moon exchanging positions after every one hour. Confusion is the result of disorder hence positioning must be correct. The goal keeper cannot be the striker, neither can the cook be the perfect waiter. A company that places people into the wrong positions will reap wrong results. Never take for granted the small things they are powerful in letting things flow. A screw in the wrong place can stop any hydraulic system working. The system could be worth $1 million and the screw could be worth  40 cents, when the bigger picture is required, the 40 cents will have the last say.
Efficiency is the multiplication of small positions into a working system. Each time a small aspect works it multiplies the system potential.

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3. Timing

10 seconds is more powerful than one hour. If you neglect the power of time you might as well not build anything. In an airport, timing is of the greatest importance. An airport such as Washington requires that each landing plane does so at the right time otherwise it would be a disaster. Being 1 minute late for a meeting can ruin the whole meeting, being 5 seconds too early at a traffic light controlled intersection is a disaster. In a huge metro city there are millions of cars and one of the little things that keep the system running is timing, not in hours but in seconds.

4. Quantity

Every cook knows that the greatest meal is the result of the portions of ingredients added together. The recipe is just as important as the quality, positioning and timing. Traffic jams result when the system fails to adopt to the quantity of the vehicles in route. A president’s election win is based on the number of votes. The right quantity will determine the power of the bigger picture. An ocean is just a vast quantity of microscopic H20 combinations that have come together, the world cup of soccer is just the quantity of the number of teams that participate in the tournament. Quantity is very important. Too much paint or to little paint strokes can ruin the Monalisa.

The bigger picture
When quality, positioning, timing and quality come together, the result is the bigger picture. You could fuss about the grand vision but if the little 4 things are not sorted it will just be one big mess.

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