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Confused and Tired, How to make the right decision in life

Confused and tired, how do you make the right decision in life? It is a common question when faced with different frustrations that come into your. This question cannot be answered without understanding the essence of what we call life. The fact about life is that you will always need to make a decision, whether you want to or not there will always be a need to make a decision to decide where your life is going to go.

Know who you are first

Until you know what it is that you want in life you will never make a decision that makes you happy.You might be happy for a few days or moments but there will always be a void in your life thinking what is it that is missing. Before you make any major decision in your life, know who you are and what you really want, need and enjoy. Happiness is not a crime.

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Life will give you a million options

The essence of life is that at any point it will give you different options and you have to decide what is it that you want. To be successful is not a decision that someone else has to make for you, it is up to you. Life will give you a million options but out of these only a few are right for you, but you can only make the right and happy decision if you know who you are.

Life will give you many keys to many options and doors, what matters is which door you want to open before you choose the key

Everyone will offer you advice

When you need to make the right decision you will always receive thousands of advice. TV, radio, experts, magazine, friends, partners, religion and much more will give you advice. Even frustration will give you advice to quit or settle for a bowl of soup when you are close to your birth right. It is your right to be successful. Not everyone will believe in what you believe in. Some people will mock you whilst other will leave you but the greatest advice will come from self.

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What counts is what is it that you want.

When you need to make a decision look at the path that you want to travel, better still look at the destination you want to get to, if the decision that you are about to make does not take you to the destination that you want, then that decision is not right. A lot of people are looking for advice on what to do, most are looking for any excuse to smile but this is not the solution. Life is about your destination and what you are prepared to do to get there.

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Make the decision that leads you to who you are

When you make a decision, make the decision based on whether that decision will take you to who you are. If you are to make the decision today, will you be any closer to become who you envision yourself to be. Don’t sell your birth right for an instant coffee gratification, see beyond the instant gift and money, if you truly believe then fight for what belongs to you.

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