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Hacking your mind out of failure in 4 ways

Our mind is very powerful for achieving success as well as achieving failure. Both success and failure are achievements which we are ultimately responsible for. How we do this simply through our minds. Now this article is not going to look at the technical side of it but we are going to explore the simple concept of it. We can blame the next person for our downfall or failures all we want but deep down the truth lies within and there is no escaping it. What we must do is accept it, deal with it head on and if we are going to succeed be resolute about it.

1.     Your mind is your control

There are those little programs that reside in your head that keep telling us that our minds are no our own or that we have no power over most things. This is like a bad computer virus, trying to make us do things that we should not be doing and in this case trying to make us believe in things we should not be believing in. Yes there is peer pressure family pressure financial pressure, you name it or whatever excuse you may give is holding you back. The final decision about your life lies within one person, YOU. If you mind is a computer then your first mind hack is hitting the delete button on all those things that you believe are not in your controls and be honest about what really is in your space. Change the programming that you have had for so long in your life that you are not in control and start believing that you can get by in life and that you can make the decisions to get you ahead in life.

2. Hunger pangs, the need to act

“You craving for success is not the same as the next person. You may all sit down to eat together but you will never eat the same exact quantity”

Just like your tummy yearns or craves for food; we don’t fall hungry at the same time as a group or collectively. We all have specific needs that we need to be addressed in different ways. If two people buy a luxury car they are not buying it for the same reason. They may seem like they are buying for the same reason yet it is just us generalizing their reason. Recognize your needs as unique, no two minds are the same. Your “software” mind has different wiring and different programming. Your experiences and background can never be equal to anyone else. Two people can sit observing a specific thing but their perspective can never be the same.  So, your need for success is a like a hunger pang easy to generalize to everyone but not easy to specify the quantities and qualities that you needs for success. Only you know what will satisfy your tummy crave. U can’t eat a banana when craving chocolate. The solution you see lies with YOU. Only you know what makes you tick …your need to achieve.

3. Energy

Have you ever noticed how when a person has tripped or fallen down we can have 3 heavy guys trying to lift them up. Notice carefully though that no matter how many people help lift them up the decision or ability to stand on their two feet lies within that person’s internal energy. Your mind is powered by you and not someone else. Maintaining your stability or position requires just your internal energy not outside forces that only work to support you. Hack number three is simple, recognize that you are programmed to be you and that it takes you to get from point A to point B. Your energy is yours and is not transferred from someone else. All people can do is motivate you but you still need to be the one who does the implementation

4. One size fits all.

Well, one size fits all is a misconception in our minds that we need to get rid of as that’s not so practical. We come in different body sizes and shapes therefore what looks attractive on the next person will not necessarily look nice or better on me just because it’s the in thing or it’s expensive. There are a lot of very attractive business ideas, academic programmes, food choices or even life partners. BUT it’s not one size fits all kind of thing because deep down if you know yourself you know what definitely suits you.

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2 thoughts on “Hacking your mind out of failure in 4 ways

  1. Practical advise. Success and Failure have an attracting effect. The more yu think of either you basically attract either to yourself
    You make a choice to succeed or to fail!!

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