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Have you lost the plot, 4 ways to get back

So maybe you had plans to succeed in life on some aspect but now you are not sure where you lost the plot as you don’t recognise what you do now versus what you planned.  You can lose the plot easily, it takes one decision or one wrong turn and you will end up in a place you just cannot recognise. The question is how do you get back on track.

1.  Stop pressurising yourself and start being you

We normally don’t stay on track because we lose the plot of who we are. We either succumb to peer pressure or we think we need to achieve something that we are not able to. Stop pressurising yourself and start living life as yourself. Remember who you are, there is no pressure for you to be anyone else. Live your life and not someone else’s life. Don’t lose the plot

2. Identify what your plot was in the  first place and live it

We get so caught up in a thousand things to do we forget what it was that we wanted to do. Focus is easy to lose when we don’t keep reminding ourselves what was it that we had in mind in the first place.
If you want to identify what your plot was look no further than your own heart.
What makes you happy
You will probably note that you have lost the plot because you will be unhappy or you feel that you are under pressure. Think about what makes you happy that’s what you need.

Where are you happy
Sometimes we lose the plot because we are in the wrong place. So you might be at the wrong job or in the wrong neighborhood, wherever you are if it is not making you happy then you probably lost the plot somewhere and you need to get back to it.

Your plot is your plot
We lose the plot when we start to associate it with other people, which is wrong. Your plot is your plot and you need not associate it with anyone. It needs to stand on its own.

3. Check your self

A self audit is good from time to time. When you don’t regularly question what you do in life you end up being a slave to routine and expectations that are not yours.  Always ask your self why you are doing what you do and If it makes sense. A self audit can go like this

a) what is it that I want in life?
b) is what i am doing aligned to my objectives, what is the objective of what I am doing?
c) what is the risk if I do what I am doing or if I don’t

Self audit is very important in life as it helps one to keep a self reflection of what one does. Failure to do so can make life complicated. .

4. Make your life a reflection of your plot

If you want your life to get back on the plot that you lost you need to put symbols and reminders around yourself on the things that will make your life a reflection of your plot. We are visual beings who need constant reminding. What we interact with, is what we remember and focus. If your plot was to be a doctor then to stay on course you need to watch TV series on medicine, buy books on medicine, read and research, become part of an association of medical professionals, or even volunteer in hospitals.
If you do not surround yourself with plot control reminders you will always lose the plot.
If you have lost your plot and you want to get back then you need to  find all the things that you can that are related to your plot and start making them part of your life.

It’s never too late to make something of your life or to achieve the things that you want that make you happy. You just need to be focused and be real about it.

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