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How fear affects your life

All of us have been afraid in our lives and fear can have a deep impact on our lives in many different ways.

1.     Our Time stops and so does our dreams

When one is afraid time stops, you start looking for something to make the time continue again. In other words we stop doing anything and we start focusing on hoping that something, just about anything will come to rescue us. Our lives are then impacted as we tend to make the wrong decision in favor of relieving ourselves from the seeming time stoppage.

2.     Enslaved and willing to do anything

Fear takes a hold as most people are imagined to say. Fear seems to have this power over us such that we do whatever we are told. It is in this slavery that we are willing to be puppets for whatever it is that appears to threatens us. So fear will seem to control us yet we are the one’s giving fear its power.

3.     Uncertainty anything could happen

With fear comes a feeling of uncertainty which grips most people. Not sure where your life really lies or what is going to happen. That feeling of not having control is what then creates the panic that results in bad decisions being made. However life already is uncertain, we must do what we can and how we can.

4.     Out of focus view

Success can only be obtained if you are able to focus on one thing at a time. When you lose focus that is when one begins to make decisions which are not in support of your dreams. Objectivity is always very important and to reach that you have to observe fear for what it is , a distraction from what you really want to do.

5.     Health issues

There is nothing wrong with stress which in reality is a necessity for us to be successful. It becomes a problem if it is not managed well. In this case fear can cause health issues which in all circumstance can derail your efforts for success.

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