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How to conquer your fears in five steps

Everything ends and so does fear, its up to you to decide when you are ready to conquer your fear and move forward.  There are many reasons why people have fear but all these can be conquered.

1. Believe in something bigger

Whatever it is that you fear there is always something bigger. In life there is so much that one can live for, the question is knowing that there is a life beyond whatever it is that you are afraid of.

2. Don’t hide be tactical

Face your fears with a strategy don’t face your fears without a strategy. Fear normally comes in the absence of a confident plan. Make a plan in life and be bold about it. Don’t hide because the more you hide the bigger your fear will seem.

3. Always have options

Fear is also about lack of options. We become more afraid when we think that there are no choices so we panic and the only option is fear. Find other options, life is about choices and there is more than one choice. It’s just sometimes we are not willing to go beyond the things we are comfortable with.

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4. Act like you are cornered

Any animal, person or being when cornered and its a life or death situation will act out. When it’s life or death all fear goes and its about survival. If you want to conquer your fear then act like you are cornered you would be surprised just how fast your fear will disappear. At that moment more survival options will appear to you.

5.  Forget the emotions

Fear plays on our emotions, so sometimes you have to be emotionless not motionless. Be objective and do what needs to be done. At the moment that you want to conquer your fears you need to freeze all your emotions and focus.

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Remember, everything ends and so does fear. Conquer your fears today not tomorrow.

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