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How to fail at almost everything in 10 ways

If your objective is to fail then there are 10 ways in which you can surely fail. All it needs is consistence and in no time at all failure can be assured. So without much delay here is the list of 10;

1. People who always ask for free things but when they receive those things they never use this

This is like someone who gets an opportunity which is handed to them for no sacrifice at all and all they do is stare at the opportunity. Opportunity must always be used. If you don’t have the capacity then borrow the capacity or partner with another person so that you can get it done.

2. People who talk about success pray about being rich but have no standard of work ethic

If you want to succeed in life you must do the things that need to be done. However if you want to fail then you must just talk about success and not do anything about.

3. People who cannot maintain things

A sign of failure is the inability to maintaining things. Failing to maintain an air conditioner, car, or simple household utensils is a sure sign that when given bigger things one will not be able to maintain them. Practice makes perfect and the small things are the best practice for one to be able to achieve better things in life.

4. People who complain it’s not my job or this is too much work

The more work you do the more experienced you become and you increase the number of doors that can apply to you when they open. Complaining about extra work can also be a sign of an attitude problem.

5. People who litter on the outside of their car and believe someone else to pick after them

One of the most important lessons about success is that success requires responsibility. If you are not responsible and accountable you cannot be successful how many celebrities lose their wealth when they don’t take responsibility for it?

6. People who cannot read signs in public areas, I won’t bother expecting them to read books

The lesson here is that you must be able to notice the little things, be able to follow the simplest of instructions it will develop your discipline and character. Failing to follow the smallest of instructions is a sure sign of future failure as success at its greatest level requires great discipline and routine.

7. People who want to be loved but don’t know how to sacrifice

You cannot succeed if you don’t give anything. In order to make money on the money markets you must buy something. If a business person is going to make money then that business person must invest in stock, sales person’s, rentals. Nothing is for free.

8. People who want advice but don’t think they will need to pay for success

Appreciation is what makes one understand what success is. If you don’t learn to appreciate you will not succeed. The more you appreciate the more you will value what success is. People who don’t appreciate anything or good advice will never look for the good things or sacrifice for the best of things.

9. People who love shortcuts but have a full tank

If you have the capacity to do more and you look for shortcuts you will only short change your ability to stretch yourself for achieving the best things. Greatness belongs to those who can do their best and stand the tests that come in life.

10. Perfect people who can’t do the little things on time

Don’t try to be big on big things and yet small on the small things. All things must be treated with respect. However a person who tries to be perfect but can’t handle small things cannot be successful.

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