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How to overtake your problems in 5 moves

If you are behind a problem you will probably be eating its fumes and dust, sometimes you can only get ahead in life if you overtake those problems. As Einstein said you cannot overcome a problem if you are operating at the same level as the problem, you need to move ahead.

1. Pace yourself beyond the speed of the problem

You can’t overtake if you are moving at the same speed as the problem, you need to go beyond. Every problem has a pattern that it operates with, you need to stop matching yourself to that problem. So maybe your problem is rentals, if rent is required at the end of the month why do you need to raise money at the end of the month? You can overtake the rent problem by raising rent before its needed.
Your problem could be a nagging ex, who calls you daily and hussles you, why not go beyond them, block their number and not answer them back. Be over it and move on, should they not eat your dust instead?

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2. Choose your side to overtake with

Always assess your openings in life, opportunities come to those who are alert. Watch for signs of openings but don’t collide with other issues. When you need help in making money, always remember there are a million ways to make money, you have to choose one. There are seven billion people who are a potential seven billion customers. Every problem has a solution and you have to find one. The side you pick is important, not all sides give you the space that you need.
To overtake on the right side of life
a) Pick the side that enables you to fit
b) Pick a side that is legal
c) Pick a side that is not a blind side which has a high level of unpredictability
So how do you do this practically
I need an income that is regular

Potential solutions
There are many possible solutions, these could be
Beauty business
And the list can go on.

The question that comes to mind is;

a) Pick the side that enables you to fit: am I comfortable with which solution. What would make me happy.
b) Pick a side that is legal: what can I do that I can do legally in my comfort
c) Pick a side that is not a blind side which has a high level of unpredictability- which of these projects am I knowledgeable about which I can do and be able to predict how it will go

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Once you know which side to use then you are ready for the next move

3. Nonchalant pass

Don’t be too dramatic about your actions, pass and don’t laugh. Don’t make sudden moves whilst you are passing you might get crowded out. If you take too long you will be passed over and fail to overtake.

If there is a problem in your life don’t be friends with the problem and walk hand in hand. No one overtakes on the highway and whilst they are overtaking they start chatting with the other driver. If you have a problem don’t be friends with your problem, it will pass you and overtake you instead. Be nonchalant and drive on your selected side. Don’t take too long simply accelerate.

4. Slide over and move

Once you are sure you are overtaking and that you are in front then keep moving. The thing about overtaking your problems is that you must never stay on the overtaking side. In other words when you are overtaking you are doing something extraordinary. You can’t over take by being ordinary you have to move into extra speed.

There are times to be normal but overtaking is not that time. It requires courage and commitment. Until you are committed you cannot ovetake your problems. You have to be ready to go. Overtaking your problems is not for second guessing. If you second guess you won’t be able to overtake

5. You can only stay ahead if you keep a superior standard

Finally remember, if you have decided to overtake then you can only stay ahead if you are moving faster. Starting ahead of problems means you have chosen a new standard in life. Sometimes people leave their problems behind but go back to the same speed, the same habits and the same behaviour.

Think of stopping to hanging out with your “bad” friend but you then keep hanging out at the same place that they do. If you thought your friends influenced you to drink but you still hang out at the same bar then well, you have not overtaken anything.

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