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How to stop being selfish, in 6 Ways

We are selfish without knowing it and we think we are right. How do we stop being selfish when we don’t know that we are being selfish? The easiest way is to learn what are the selfish habits that we need to control or deal with.

1. You only remember things that have something to do with you

Don’t be that person who only remembers what needs to be done simply because you will be affected. Try to be the person who remembers at least ten birthdays which are not yours, remember to remind others of their important appointments. The more you do that the less selfish you will be.

2. Saying sorry is a regular habit of yours because you never seem to do things in time for other people when you are supposed to.

There are people who love to say sorry because they think it is an excuse for them to get away with whatever it is they want. Listen to yourself and try to figure out if you really say sorry because you are being genuine or because you had predetermined that you would say sorry after doing what you really wanted to do.

3. You live your life expecting everyone to listen to you yet when people are trying to tell you something you quickly start talking about yourself

Are you that person who always wants to be heard. Try to spend a day listening to others and asking them questions about their lives. Don’t ask questions about yourself. Let other speak so that they can be heard. A lot of people want to be heard around you, so give of your time and attention to them. Don’t be that person who just starts to speak without even reading the situation in terms of what is needed at that moment.

4. Your time schedule requires everyone to jump according to your needs and not others needs

You should know you are selfish because every time you announce sudden things and everyone needs to jump to your schedule. So people plan their days and all of a sudden you come up with something that needs to be done immediately when you knew about it days before. That is very selfish.

5. When given an opportunity to give the first thing you do is give a complaint

A clear sign of not being selfish is by being generous. So when asked to contribute what you do first is complain, it is best to keep quiet if you know you don’t have anything to contribute. Selfish people are those that complain about giving all the time still expect others to give.

6. You are a team player only if you are in charge

There are those  people who only want to participate in anything if they are the ones in charge of whatever it is that would be going on. So they will refuse to be part of any team event but the moment they are given an opportunity to lead the team events all of a sudden they want to be involved and they boss everyone around. Don’t be like that, that is selfish.

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