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How to turn yesterday’s defeat into a road sign of victory

Defeat can be such  an energy sapper we are left wondering if we will ever find success and celebrate victory.  Once in a while all of us get discouraged by the different experiences which are not in our favour. Some could be relationships, business, personal goals or just life issues. All these can be so defeating we spend a great deal of time wondering where we went wrong.
However it is possible to find tomorrow’s victory in the defeat and experience of yesterday. Life is a journey with different road signs and sometimes we fail to see the signs.

Defeat creates familiarity with road signs

Life has many routes that one can take as you journey from one epic destination to the next. As much as we might be careful we miss a few signs here and there because of the thrill of the journey. So instead of noticing the warning signs a lady can continue to date the same guy who will definitely break her heart, even though the warning signs were there.  The thrill of the business idea could be so exciting that we don’t notice what is just outside the window.

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Warning: Epic liar ahead
Instead of heeding the warning we just cruise on. Later on we regret after our expectations come crashing down to earth.
Sometimes we see the signs but we don’t recognise them or they are unfamiliar to us.

Bad investments ahead
Because you have never known what a bad investment looks like, you see the sign but its meaning is foreign to you. At the end, you crash or have an accident for which your money is a write off.

Sharp curve ahead
One of the most dangerous parts of any road is the curves that are so sharp if we don’t slow down we are sure to speed off the road. Sharp curves come when we feel so comfortable with the road we are sure we can handle anything that comes our way. Sharp curves deserve attention and respect, hence all road users should slow down. The success of victory will come but there are some things in life we need to respect. So when you are not sure, slow down. In life watch out for those sharp curves, respect them and victory will be yours

Victory is knowing when to detour

The race is never for the swift so clever road users of life know a delay is not a train smash. Being delayed to our destination of success is not necessarily a bad thing it is timing for a safe experience.
In your epic journey of life you are bound to have met a few defeats along the way so that you become familiar with the signs. Defeat has the same early warning sign, uncertainty and discomfort. The moment you feel a discomfort if you are paying attention that is the moment to slow down. Don’t keep moving at 120 km per hour when you can feel the vehicle shaking because of a bad road, if the mist or fog gets heavy you might need to slow down or park somewhere.

The key thing about any journey is how you pay attention. Failure to pay attention will make you miss the sure signs on the road of life. Defeat has the same early warning sign, discomfort. The moment discomfort starts coming you might need to start thinking of your ultimate plan b, the detour. If a road looks dangerous and is littered with many warning signs it will not be worth your while to keep using it.
There is no shame in taking a detour but there is shame in remembering a detour after the incident.
Take your detour if you see that it’s not working out.

Never use a road for which the signs are not there

There is a saying that once defeated twice shy, if you have been defeated once you should by now be able to look for signs that can guide you to victory. If however you can’t see any signs on the road of life that can help you to know what to expect its best to delay the journey or take a detour.

Avoid the night travel
Only travel at night in your endeavours if you have no choice. In other words, aiming for a target when you can’t see the route for our efforts must take is like seeing the horizon but never sure how to get there. Be careful of the routes that you take. Your destination is the sum of the steps of the route you take successfully.

The mist and fog
When searching for success there will be distractions that cloud your vision or sight. Be careful how you approach these. Some people lay traps for you on the journey, so pay extra attention on your life journey. The defeat of yesterday is the road sign of tomorrow’s victory. If you can’t see the signs then there is something wrong.

Experience is a road sign

Every experience that you have had is a sign of the victory that you can have. If you fail today pick up the lessons and use them to structure how you will succeed tomorrow. Don’t leave things to chance. Crying about yesterday is about remembrance but let it not be your persevering perception of reality. Failure is a road sign that shows you which dangers to expect and how to be even more determined. We crash in many things in life. If you are reading this then obviously you are alive, meaning you still have capacity and opportunity to get on with your life journey.

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