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Improve your mind with 3 words

Believe it, you can improve your mind with just three words. The order of the words is very important and fundamental to creating a peaceful and more concentrated you.

1. Relax 

Your mind is most receptive when you are relaxed, that is when you are able to concentrate even more. Think of all the different religions,  stress techniques, mantras and clinical practices that are trying to get your mind into a peaceful and relaxed state. If your mind is to function at its optimum it must be able to get to that relaxed state where you can think objectively. Think if the many countless kung fu movies where the master always tells the student that they cannot achieve much if the mind is out of balance. Relaxation is allowing yourself to take in what is happening, it gives you an opportunity to observe most of what is going on. We lose when our mind panics, then we try to do things out of fear and not for the right reasons. When your mind is at odds with everything around you, you normally don’t think straight. Your first word is relax

 2. Focus

If you want to achieve anything in life then you must focus on what it is that you are aiming for. After you relax it is only natural that you focus. Think of it as putting your mind energy to achieving a specific target. You need to know what it is that you want to achieve. You always need a target, however for you to hit the target you must focus. Your second word is focus

3. Control

Self control is  key to maintaining a level of discipline that enables you to achieve what you want. Self control is about being able to pace yourself according to the objective that you want to achieve. It’s not just about looking at your life but being aware of your very own thoughts.

These are three words Relax, Focus and Control. Say them to yourself the next time you are in trouble or when you want to achieve something big. Relax, Focus and Control.


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