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Keeping your Word, Success Secret

Just realized in MacGyver’s time there was no cell phone or internet, one just needed to keep their word and not need cell phone calls to remind them. Reminds in the past when one could write a letter one month in advance, set up an appointment and actually make the appointment. At that time it was normal and we all knew we had to keep the appointment. It was not a science it was just common sense and integrity.

Success and keeping your word are intertwined as success is about delivery and you cannot deliver if you cannot keep your word. Why is keeping your word intertwined with success?

1. You cannot reciprocate to someone who lies

People will never do you a favor if you never keep your word. Failing to keep your word makes you into a liar which is the last thing anyone of us wants. The worst is failing to keep your word and then keeping quiet about it. That just won’t do.

2. Your word is an invisible currency of trust

Imagine that someone gives you cash and that cash is fake, you go to the shops to buy food when you are hungry, the money is found out to be fake and you are denied the purchase. You are not only denied the purchase but you are also interrogated so that people make sure that you are not the originator of the fake currency. The same thing is what happens when a person does not keep their word. People make plans based on a person’s word and they sacrifice or use up certain resources, they may also involve other people based on that word and if that word is not kept it is as if a fake currency has been circulated. Your word is your character.

3. After everything is stripped your word is all your have

When you are born you have nothing at all except the cries of a baby as you grow the words of an infant, as you mature the word of an adult. All these are what you carry with you. Friends, assets, jobs, spouses, children and other things will come and go; but your word will remain with you from the beginning to the end. If your word cannot stand up to time then nothing that you build with your word can stand up to the test of life.

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4. Your word can open or close doors

What you say is important in that it can create the right mood, fix a problem or destroy another person. Success cannot be achieved if your words are not quality enough. Words which cause hurt and cause despondence are hard to build any success on.

In my time I have met many people who will promise you things and sometimes you need to remind them three or four times for them to deliver their own promise. Such people I never trust with anything and when I am forced to do business with them, I follow up on them daily or hourly just to make sure. When a person continuously fails on their word, they normally fail to get any real life contracts that can make them successful. Clients in any business transaction  can easily tell if a company keeps its promise and they will decide long term relationships based on that.

If you are learning how to keep your word we urge you to do it today and not tomorrow.

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