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Planning like a CIA agent in 6 Steps

The CIA have a particular way of doing things as they have no choice but to be successful. Their missions maybe varied but the objective is always the same, to get the job done. Failure begins from the planning stage, it is at this stage that any plan will determine success or failure. You cannot win if the plan is not sound and does not follow some very important principles.

1. Start with the Target

You cannot plan appropriately until you know what the objective is. You need to  identify your target. Know everything possible about the target. If you do not know the target then you have no mission or plan. Start with the target and keep it in mind.

2. Spy your target before you activate your plan

Whether it is starting a business, going to college or anything important it is absolutely crucial that you understand the target by spying on it first. You might have made the plan but also check out the scene.

3. Figure the details out and their timing

A plan is only as good as the details to it. The details make up the sum of the plan. In the absence of the detail there is no synchronisation and the plan may not come out the way it was intended hence failure is the most likely. As you get the details make sure the timing on each detail is accurate so that everyone knows it.

4. Only involve people you trust and are necessary to the mission

No CIA plan is revealed to people that are not  necessary to the mission. Involving too many people can result in your plan being compromised. Keep your cards close to your chest and make sure you have the right people involved.

5. Get your gadgets and resources in place

Your resources are important in enabling the plan. Once you know your target and the plan that you have to implement then it is time to get the resources that you need. Get all the gadgets that are required and get ready for your mission.

6. Have a fail safe

As perfect as any plan can be, we all know that we cannot control the future. The details might be spot on but the environment can change. Your mission is to succeed so you need more than just plan B, you need alternative thinking if things go wrong. This must be part of your plan.

Once you get all these things in place you are then ready to execute like the CIA. Remember your planning is directly linked to your success so do it well and don’t leave anything out.

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