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Play time is over kids, let the grown ups discuss real politics

When kids are discussing politics their main focus is on immediate gratification and showmanship, but grown ups know it’s deeper than that. Our modern politics from Cape Town to Washington is littered with who can put up the biggest attractive campaign and not what is just. No matter how much what is true is ignored a lie can never make a truthful foundation. There are so many elections that are in 2016 that kids and adults will vote in but as the century goes perhaps the kids will have a bigger say. From Museveni winning to the battle of the indifferent in USA, the success of the world has never been in so much debate between kids and adults.

What the kids want

The kids, like in any kindergarten do not want pain or to deal with real issues, they want toys and of course going off the cliff. Kids will play dangerous games because they can. They will promote the absurd because they don’t know any better. So if they choose the right to do drugs or violence it’s ok because that is what they want. In the end the kids’ campaigns are like chewing gum, lots of flavor at the beginning but flat in the long run. When a nation wants success then the kids need guidance on what are real issues and what are distractions. The destiny of a nation cannot be unlocked by cheap politics because cheap cannot be expensive. Quality is permanent and class is grown up. Congratulations to Uganda and Tanzania, over to you USA, let the success of your forefathers be shown in your wise decisions.

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uncle sam
It’s not the political hat that is worn that matters, but the ideology that must make sense

Adults don’t shout to make a point

When the circus or roadshow pulls up we know what to expect, however an adult does not shout to make a point, an adult communicates a point to shout nonsense into its place. Cheap politics is like promising babies candy when what they need is spinach and cabbage. What does a successful country need in its politics? To start with, it needs calm heads that are not swayed by kid games but convinced by adult conversations. Political debates are not about the candidates they are a platform to remember important issues. If we reduce debates to candy politics then the kids have won and the adults should sleep earlier than the kids. Waving a placard does not make one into an activist but supporting an adult makes one into a political grown up. If an adult cannot tell the difference between bread and butter issues then they are more interested in the cream on the doughnut. The doughnut cream is sweet but is not nourishing, soon the muscles will be hidden behind the fat. A real adult knows a true economic issue from a doughnut cream issue.

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Bed time stories

It is easy to tell a story about Abraham Lincoln because you feel an ethic or measure of purpose flowing in the story. The question that each voter must ask for the success of their country is ” what sense of purpose do they feel in their moral compass when selecting their candidates “. Could it be a choice between a horror story or a genocide tale for a bedtime story? This year’s elections have candidates like any other election year but do the elections have adults voting? On the other hand it could be asked if the candidates are having grown up debates.
One day a bed time story needs to be told, would it’s quality be worth the pages it is printed on?

Playtime is over kids, let the grown ups discuss real politics. It’s bed time for the kids, the adults now need to discuss real issues. The candidates have shown up but let adult voters be the decision makers.

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