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Preparing a Table before your enemies, 5 Success Tips

You have enemies who are not interested in your success, hence you will always be fighting and keeping one eye open. Thinking everyone loves you is a mistake that you should never make. However as you have enemies ” You have to eat your success and enjoy it”. Time waits for no one and success is a door that does not remain open all the time. Sometimes you just have to do what you do right there in front of your enemies.

1. Set your table for yourself

Remember you have enemies in life, so don’t leave the most critical aspect to your success in the hands of just about anyone. Your enemies can take advantage of this and collaborate with your associates for your end. For the most critical aspects of your life, take charge and be there to observe, if you can’t do it yourself. So if you are building a house make sure you are there frequently to make sure real building is occur. Don’t see your speech on the hour of the speech, see it hours before. The enemies of success are many and have different names.

2. Keep an eye on your success and your environment

Enjoy your success but don’t enjoy it such that you don’t see what’s going on around you. Keep it real by remembering that anything can happen. If you bury yourself in your feast of success, you never know who might just creep up on you. When you have entered through the door of opportunity don’t forget others also can enter with you who might not be for you.

3. Don’t over stuff yourself with one diet

Enjoyment is good but keep yourself lean enough to still be agile. Don’t over do the things that you do in your success. Be good at what you do but don’t be over showy. Success is good but thinking that this is all there is to it will make you complacent. While you are busy parading your conquests others can be preparing your downfall. Don’t over stuff yourself such that there is no tomorrow. Today’s feast of success is for now, soon comes tomorrow which has its own need for another table and a different diet. Keep it balanced, have your desert and drink your glass of water. Let your success be balanced.

4. Make friends during the feast

Tip the waiter and compliment the cook. While you are enjoying your success there are people who are of paramount importance to your enjoyment, people who have also worked hard to enable your success. Tip these people and show them your appreciation, be kind and generous to them. The little people in your eyes can hold the key to your life and death. The same people who helped you get to your table of success can sabotage you if you don’t treat them nicely.

5. Never feast in what you don’t like

As much as success is good, never feast on an occasion which compromises on your value system. Your meal can come back to haunt you. The stomach ache can come in promises to do unethical deals, celebrate success but if it’s not within your value system don’t spend too much time eating it all up, excuse yourself early. Never feast in what you don’t like. Take time to enjoy your meal, but let it be something you enjoy. Success tastes good, if it tastes different its probably something else so don’t eat it all up.

In life you will get plenty of opportunities to eat before your enemies, just don’t forget our 5 success tips.

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