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Staying calm in the face of chaos, 2 minute exercise

How do you stay calm in the midst of chaos? The first 2 minutes are crucial.  I remember being stranded at an airport in a foreign country after missing my connection flight due to the inefficiency of the airline that got me there. Staying calm is not easy especially when you feel overwhelmed and there does not seem to be a solution in sight. Imagine you have a tyre blowout in the middle of no where and you check your spare tyre and discover that it is also flat. How do you stay calm? The first 2 minutes are crucial in determining if one will panic or not.

1. Breathe

To start with, breathe, at that moment when things go wrong one of the first things that happens is your heart rate races up. If you don’t check yourself you will get worse and your breathing will get worse. So, the first thing is that you must regulate yourself, check yourself and breathe.

2. Don’t speak negative

When in a bad spot it is easy to start speaking negative on how bad things are. The more you speak bad the worse you feel, the more you sweat and the more you panic. Don’t speak bad simply state the facts, don’t play on your emotions. The more negative you speak the more locked you are to panic.

3. Don’t move stay still

If you start moving about immediately you will agitate your mind and body. People in panic barely sit down they move around a lot and make things worse. If you can sit down, find a place to sit and think. The first 2 minutes after a problem will determine how you deal with the situation.

4. Don’t let your thoughts wander, think positive

At the moment of chaos what you think about is very critical.  Don’t let your thoughts wander on the negative of the situation, start thinking how best to deal with the situation. Look for the positive in the problem,  the more you think positive the more your thoughts start building to unlock your solution.

5. Smile

This may seem odd, but you must do the opposite of what chaos expects, smile. Smiling reinforces your positive thinking so do it for a second. The more you smile the more you confuse the situation such that your thinking becomes the dominant aspect.

6. Hold your head up

Don’t let  your head fall, as in don’t start looking down. Letting your shoulders and head drop will stop circulation of your positiveness if not your blood.  Don’t fold up keep your body open, ready for action.

In these two minutes you will avert panic and instill a level of calmness which is good for your upkeep.

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