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Top 6 Tips on Recovering from a Lousy Day at the office

We all have those days at the office which make us doubt why we even go to work. It could be the workmates that make your day terrible, or the boss who might be on your case, or it could just be that nothing has been going well for you lately. One thing though is for sure, you don’t want to carry the lousy feeling into the rest of your day once you are outside the office. There are a few tips that you can use to recover some of your mojo back from that lousy office day.

1. Shut down the office

Home is home and the office is the office. It pays you a bit of sanity to just shut down the office in your head for a while, stop thinking about what went wrong, just relax and focus on what needs to be done at home. It may not be easy to do especially if your emotions are all over the place but you just have to take some time out of thinking about the office. As my friend likes to say, be in the moment at that time.

2. Take a shower or bath for long

This always does it from me, it’s symbolic. Taking a shower is like washing away all the dirt and the bad emotions that you are feeling. Besides, a good bath after a long day opens up the skin pores, removing the sweat whilst relaxing your mind. Water is a good relaxer, which is why some people would go swimming after a long day.

3. Catch a movie at home or go out to the cinema or listen to music

Watching a movie is like being in another world, for a while you forget everything that had to do with whatever it is you were thinking about. Immerse yourself in a good movie and for those two hours you will feel so much better and ready for new things. You could rent a movie at home, or even repeat the same movies that you like, or go out to the theater or cinema to get really immersed into the movie set. The point of it all is, watch something that you will like.

Listening to your favorite music can go a long way. loud blast or soft calming music, its all up to you. sooner than later you will feel a soothing that will help to clam you down and make you more relaxed.

4. Read a book or novel

Reading is a good habit no matter the occasion or situation. Make it into a habit to read and you will explore places you have never been to. As you read you will discover new things and what you thought were big problems might turn out not to be such big problems in reality. At the height of our emotions everything seems big around us.

5. Eat out with someone you like

Good food has a way of making the world seem okay. This is all you need sometimes, just a good meal and a good conversation, in no time at all you will be ready to sleep and get ready for the next day.

6. Have a life outside the office

If your life centre is the office and you have nothing that you do outside work then you will always be affected greatly by lousy days at the office. You need a hobby or soothing that you like doing outside the office.

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