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Unlocking success, 3 Activation techniques

Success is not incidental but is a direct result of something that has been done. Success must be activated  in order for it to occur. Activation can be done in several ways but let us look at three key ways.

1. Find the trigger

Everything that occurs starts from something, a trigger, a trigger that will cause a cycle of success to occur. If that trigger is not there then whatever needs to happen will not happen. To unlock success always find the trigger. The trigger could be, just as an example, getting a degree, it could be learning how to sew, it could be an investment in a blog, or it could be speaking at a conference. The trigger is what will activate the sequence of events that will enable the unlocking of success.

2. Timer

For activation to occur it must happen in time. A timer is needed. When you have a plan, if that plan does not have a timing aspect to it which you can stand with then that plan will not activate any success. Your trigger must occur and have a timing to it. If there is perpetuity to your plans then success will be delayed forever.  A timer has a start and an end. You have to know the start and the end.

Let your success explode in time
Let your success explode in time

3. Environment

A seed cannot be grown in cement,  neither can an economy grow in the absence of trade. Hence for success to occur it must be in the right environment.  If an investment is put into the wrong place it will not succeed. In order to unlock and activate success you must place yourself in the right environment.

Activating your success is not as complicated as people make it out to be. You just have to get the techniques right.

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