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Unlocking the mysteries of success like a mathematical genius

Success is an equation with specific operators which when known it is up to the variables to be correct. So what one must do is put the variables around the operators and ensure that the operators are functional. In simple terms, success is just an instruction manual that needs to be read and followed.

Now think of success in the following way

Success =variable +variable + variable

If you knew each variable you would put them in and let the operators do their work. So hence if you know the variable then our real work is simply the additions and multiplications.


The result of the equation is success, meaning that one must know what they want to achieve before they lay out the equation.

My desire could be to sell millions of books. So from this my Equation has an outcome , 1 million books. In the absence of a result, a maths Equation is just random symbols and so is success. Before you embark on any investment, know the outcome that you desire.


In order to succeed there are things that are needed which are your resources. These must be in place and known in quantity and quality. Before one can sell a million books what would one need?
I then jot down what I need which is

A book
A distribution point for the book
A market place

Now these are my variables, of which they can all be different in one form or the other. So a book could be ten pages or 59 pages or a hundred pages, its a variable that I have to decide. Success is like a system of inputs, processes and outputs. The wrong inputs will result in the wrong outputs even if the processing is correct

The nature of the variables or inputs will determine if the outcome is worth pursuing. If an outcome is commercial farming and one has no equipment, or land; and has no means to getting these then than success is not worth pursuing at that time until the inputs can be put in place. It is like wanting to break the world 100 metre record, the variables needed are a fit body, world competition, and time. If the fit body is not there then one cannot break the record.

The mystery in success is sometimes the ignorance in the inputs for success. Success itself is not a mystery, It is the absence of the knowledge for achieving success which is the mystery.

The operator

The operators come in specific forms. These are the things that you must do to ensure that your inputs are processed. Hence to sell 1 million books one must sell. To break the world 100 metre athletic record one must run. Success is a result of a process that must be undertaken. If the variables are correct then the process must be correct to get the correct output. You cannot win a sprinting race by jogging, neither can you farm by eating the seed. The operators are normally not complicated they are just disciplines which require the following

Timing: must be done at the right time
Effort: require energy and commitment
Specified: must be known and executable

If we don’t do the operations correctly then we don’t succeed. Hence if you don’t put an effort to sell at the right time with a specific action you cannot win.
The weird thing is that the operator has never been a mystery; to sell you need to sell, to run you need to run. Everyone knows what needs to be done to succeed. The mystery in success is when a person knows what to do but does not do it

Success can easily become a habit if we are trained in executing the operations like clock work. The more we practice how to put the inputs of success together the easier success becomes.

It’s an instruction manual

Once you know the equation all you have to do is follow the instructions. Success is a recipe whose ingredients must be followed and the cooking must be done. If you do not have the ingredients of success you cannot cook the intended meal.

The instruction manual for success will only become clearer if one writes their Equation down. Most people start a business without the business plan then wonder why they are not succeeding. Until the vision of a business is made plain in numbers it is just a dream. Whatever it is that you want to succeed in, a success manual must exist. Obedience is better than sacrifice. A person with a million dollars in capital will fail if there is no blue print for whatever business they want to achieve. No architect gives oral instructions on the design of a building, everything must be written down

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