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What a Real man wants from a woman, 5 things?

It is true that guys want a lot of things from women but there are certain things which are basic which a man expects to find in a woman. We have noted five of those things which can be helpful. Our only disclaimer in this article is that if the man is serious about the woman that he is interested in then these five things are the bare minimum he looks for. If the man does not appreciate these then that lady deserves a better man.

1.     Be you and not anyone else

There are so many cover girls in the world today such that it is difficult to find individuals that are themselves. All that a man is looking for when he looks  for a partner is a woman who has an identity that makes her who she is. We are not saying superstar identity just yourself, a woman. Each person is unique so there is no need to be copying anyone, find who you are and the person who really deserves you will appreciate who you are as a person. Impressing a man by being someone else will always fall flat because eventually you will need to be yourself.

2.     Be a woman

If a guy was looking for a man he would have found a man, but in this case if the guy is looking for a woman then the lady must be that and not pretend to be one of the boys. Be as feminine as you are, it’s a strength that most men appreciate. There is nothing more beautiful than a woman, period. Men love to admire ladies that is a proven fact. Be the flower that you are, let your awesomeness be because that is what you are, awesome.

3.     Be happy, smile and smile more

What is more wonderful than a lady’s smile for a guy? A smile can open doors in a man’s heart that he never knew existed. All she needs to do is smile and something strange happens to him, but it’s a wonderful thing. So ladies don’t stop smiling and being happy, we all know ladies love to smile.

4.     Be enterprising

A woman who is full of curiosity who wants to do more , who wants to be the best of herself, a lady who is not afraid to try new things; now that’s a gem and a half. Men want to be pioneers but they secretly want a partner who they can rely on as well, someone who is not afraid to try new things. So if you are feeling like being enterprising go ahead it is very exciting.

5.     Say what’s one your mind

Don’t be afraid to speak your mind otherwise you will end up keeping secrets, say exactly what is on your mind. You are not a secondary citizen; you are the other half that makes the glorious human being species so take your place always. If you are thinking about something then share it don’t be afraid.

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