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Why doing what you love is your greatest success

Nothing makes more sense than waking up and pursuing what you really love. It’s one thing to have a career but its an entirely different ball game to have a career that you love. Success is is defined by so many things things but in the end it comes down to four things.

Success is emotional

Having millions in the bank is wealth but in the end of it if the heart is not content then its not real success it is just a state of a bank account. Success is emotional at its greatest peak, it is how you feel about what you have and what you do. There are many “successful” people who are miserable because they simply have not found what really makes them happy.
There are many signs that will appear when you are not doing what you love and below are just a few

Negative talk: when all that you have to say is negative when you are doing your work or job
Sickness: falling sick at regular intervals
Frustration: feeling incomplete all the time
Blank working hours: hours when all you do is surf or do nothing productive
Long chats: less work and more conversation
Mistakes: constant mistakes at regular intervals
Asking for help all the time: never seeming in control always asking for help
Long lunch hours: consistent long lunch hours

The Success Equation

Your passion is all the fuel you need

When you love something there is no reason to look for motivation to keep doing what you love, your passion is all the fuel that you need. Your highest level of motivation in life is not money or security but it is love. When you are in love with what you do no one needs to tell you to be innovative or determined, it comes naturally.
At unlocked success we believe that success starts from the heart, the thing that one must do to succeed is to find what they love not what they need. Great words here include
Inner peace: you are steady
Patience: you are not easily panicked go rush
Grounded: you know where your feet stand
Self: self motivated, self made, self improvement, self assured

It creates focus

In the book the Five Principles of Programmed Succes we state that focus is critical for success, and hence love creates the highest level of success. When you love something with all your mind and thoughts you tend to have a higher attention span and less distraction, think of a lousy job that you don’t like, the chances of you volunteering to do overtime are minimal, but with a job that you love , you could even take vacation off just to practice new skills for that job.

Some of the words that will come will come with happy filled success are

Determination: you won’t give up easily
Courage: despite fear you will find the strength to face your obstacles
Stamina: you will stay in the race no matter what
Stubborn: you tend to be more stubborn and single minded
Attentive: you give more attention

It creates innovation

Success breeds consistent innovation, and the absence of it results in failure. Doing what you love , naturally creates the will to be more innovative. A person who loves what they do will look for new ideas all the time, and new ways to improve what they love. In leadership we have situational approaches which have different maturity levels where at the highest level an employee does not need to be motivated by the manager but that employee is self regulated and self motivated. When a person is doing what they love they do not need external motivation, it just comes.
Some success filled words here are

Open minded: you accept new ideas
Secure: you don’t feel threatened by anyone
Solutions: you love solving problems
Relaxed: always in control
Participative: always involved

When you look at what you are doing right now, are you happy?
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