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The perfect wedding planning guide for any girl

So maybe you are thinking of getting married and you are thinking of what you need. Well, weddings can be one of the most frustrating things to plan for if you are not prepared. Think of it, it’s only for a day but it can be so many things it needs good planning in advance.

Where would you start from when planning a wedding?

  1. Get your color theme right

You have to know your colors, is it red, blue, cream, lemon green, what color is it really. It will help you to choose everything else. Trust us, the last thing you need is thinking “oh my gosh they brought the wrong chair colors.” Make sure everyone knows the color theme. It must be at your finger tips all the time.

  1. Know your venue

If anything get the venue right, it will determine how much you smile on the day. The wrong venue can ruin the experience. You don’t want to be looking over your shoulder thinking “why oh why is that statue in the wrong place.” If you want a garden wedding then please get a garden wedding. It is a once off experience so why not indulge your fantasy wedding

  1. Flowers and Deco

You will always, always need the right deco, the perfect flowers. So be picky you are absolutely allowed to be. Think of your color scheme, shop around. Get the right people to get your things in place. Every princess deserves the right flowers, you deserve it.

  1. The dress, the shoes, the jewellery

Shop and find that dress, get the shoes right and get the jewels right. Don’t be shy to shop around. Get all these things figured out before it is too late. Remember it’s your day. The right dress should make you comfortable. How does it make your body feel when you wear it? Feel like a bride, so dress like one.

  1. Food and more Food

Check out the food, check out the chef, and make sure you have the menu set just right. The food is a potential destroyer of weddings. The wrong caterer can ruin your wedding. So make sure that its set and the menu is diverse enough to meet the needs of most of the people coming to YOUR WEDDING.

  1. Guest List

Not everyone can come, but get the right people and you will have a fantastic time. You may be worried about the budget so choose carefully. Its your day after all.


7. The Hair, the make up

This is really personal. Know what you want and know it in advance. Get the right person (s) who will do your hair and makeup. Here you are not allowed to compromise in any way or else that personal experience will go. Your hair is absolutely important so do not under any circumstance take it for granted.

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