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Success Tips from the Life of Jon Stewart

Success is not always easy to understand or achieve until we learn on our own what success means to use. Learning from people like Job Stewart enables one to see how they achieved their own success and we can probably get a few tips on what we can do for ourselves.

  1. Overcome your environment and circumstances and be your own person

Coming from a divorced family and bullying in school, Jon Steward still found success. It did not come on a silver plate from anyone but it is quite obvious that the guy had to work for it. It is in this that you must learn how to overcome your environment and circumstances and be your own person,

  1. Make what you love into a career

If you love comedy the way Jon Stewart did then try to make a career out of it. The moral being that you will most probably put more passion into what you love more than what you don’t like. Jon Stewart has been a household name in the good old USA because of his approach to life through comedy. By being a newsman, whether fake or real he managed to accomplish his dreams for a long period.

  1. Stay focused

Sometimes you might be the one to perform last at odd hours, but stay focused and build your skills. Eventually when the big break comes you will be ready. Being delayed from getting what you want simply means you have more time to practice what you really need. Despite doing late after midnight into early morning standup comedy shows, Jon Steward still stayed focused enough to achieve success in his later period. Doing those stand up comedy as the last guy was not just work but it was practice for something greater in the future.

  1. Stay in the hunt despite disappointments

Jon Stewart went through several different shows before finally settling on the Daily Show. This is the same in our lives, we might be fired, our shows or endeavors may be cancelled, or they may be several changes that we never anticipated but we must stay in the hunt.

  1. Diversify but don’t forget your roots of success

Jon Stewart was a success on the Daily show but also became a success as a producer, a TV writer an author, an actor, public speaking and the list goes on. Opportunity is always there and we must be able to take advantage of it whenever we can. The important thing about opportunity is not rushing it but being ready for it. When you diversify into other things remember to keep doing what you love. Never forget what brought you where you are, what you love is the door to success.

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