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How watching Star Wars the Force Awakens got us a bit excited on success

Star wars was a huge opening in the domestic box office over the weekend with some estimates putting the movie at $238 million opening. We will try not to write any spoilers for those who have not seen the movie.

To be honest the movie is a big deal and you get the sense of it as it starts. A true movie success must just become a cultural phenomenon and Star Wars “The Force Awakens” is a cultural phenomenon. One can’t help but get a bit of that nostalgic feeling as you watch the setting and start to compare a bit. Once something has cultural relevance maybe the $4 billion spent by Disney in buying from Lucasfilm is probably worth it. Cultural phenomenon is always a success.

Some of us Jurassic World fans might be saddened by the fact that the movie’s opening weekend record has been smashed but this is what success is all about. You set the bar today, another person will think of new ways of surpassing those standards. Whoever is penning the next big blockbuster needs to start thinking how to make the story compelling for the next record, could Avengers Infinity Wars have hope? Well the fact that Force Awakens broke the record was enough to make us excited in that I was part of the standard.

Sitting in the movie house for two hours may seem long but I have to hand it to the story, it felt worth it. No spoilers intended but every minute is at least packed with possibilities or just dialogue that one would want to keep interested in. The planet destroying laser gun though brought a few reflective points on the good and the evil (Yes a number of planets get destroyed). If you are going to make a successful movie or product then let each moment be enjoyable or at least let it create interest. Force Awakens manages to give each character screen time though we have complaints on a certain captain who did not get much.

Successful projects carry with them a certain level of hype, and we are excited at least Force Awakens did not disappoint in that regard. The marketing was spot on and got just the right number for people excited. It pays to know your market and know how to get them interested.

I watched the movie on Sunday when the crowd was not as crazy but seeing different ages coming for the movie just brought a tingle of excitement.


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