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Solving life Problems Successfully Like a Stranded Martian, 5 ways

Life is complex with different variables that can go wrong, and the need for us to solve life’s problems becomes great just as in the movie The Martian. We cannot predict everything that will happen and say that it will be ok, but when it goes wrong we have to be prepared to find a way out of the most complex of problems. Matt Damon’s character, stranded on planet Mars gives us a good class on how to deal with life problems.

1. Assess your situation and take stock of what you have

When things don’t go as planned and you are faced with a problem, you need to assess what it is that you have. Take stock of the situation; count the things in your favor. Look at the obstacles in your life not as show stoppers but rather as road signs giving you a direction of what needs to be done. Assessing your situation means looking at the smallest and the biggest of details. Don’t leave anything to chance.

2. Make A Plan

When a problem arises there is always a solution; where most people fail is in the following of the plan to solve the problem. Many people know the solution but few people then think it is possible to follow up on the plan. When you have a life problem then make a plan that you can be confident of and plan every detail. Remember the stock of the situation that you would have taken and use this to piece the details of the plan.

3. Follow the plan detail by detail and leave nothing to chance

When you are solving any problem that you have, don’t leave anything to chance. Don’t compromise on what needs to be done. Details are like the mixture to any solution, if there is too little detail or too much of it you will miss the right mix of the solution. If you have to record the things that you do, then do it so that you do not miss anything. Taking things for granted can lead to the problem creating more problems and frustration for you.

4. Don’t try to solve everything at the same time, fix one thing at a time

Multitasking is good but the best way to solve any problem is to create a domino principle. Fix one problem and it will help you to fix the next one. The more problems you fix the greater the momentum that you will have. If you try to do everything at the same time you will spread your resources thin and fail to actually fix anything effectively or efficiently. You may seem like you are winning but in real sense you may be putting pressure which will build up and derail everything else later on.

5. Don’t be discouraged by setbacks

In the movie Matt Damon’s character loses all his plants in one incident which is a highly demoralizing incident, if not a hugely upsetting setback. In solving life’s problems you will face disappointments which may seem catastrophic, in such cases it is important to count your losses and carry on. Don’t lose track of your objective.

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