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The biggest Lesson from Batman vs Superman, 3 Confidence Secrets you need

Watching Batman vs Superman is a lesson in confidence in one’s regular life that we can learn a lot on. Batman though heavily disadvantaged goes against Superman for which the odds are heavily against him. This is similar to most of our lives when the stakes are clearly against us and we are not sure if we can ever win, everyone else will tell us that Superman is unstoppable.

Warning: Potential spoilers along the way

Unstoppable is a good word and can seem like a  fantasy for wanting to achieve different things in life. Making money is about decision and confidence, and many people fail on the confidence level yet they have decided to make money. The question is where does the confidence come from, how do you sustain and why should you have it in the first place. Unlocked success is about enabling people to be greater than they are by setting their minds free. Confidence is a big portion of what a person needs  in order to succeed.

Looking at the battle scene between Batman and Superman, one cannot help but get curious on just how Batman plans to play this one out, which is what makes it so intriguing, but the most important thing is that Batman shows up. You can never win the battle if you don’t show up for the fight. Naturally, looking at Batman, it is obvious that he is prepared and ready to fight, Superman on the other hand is his super self as usual.

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If you don’t know why you want to make money you might never get the push to make the money. Confidence is a force of nature, so it needs fuel. It has to begin from somewhere, so the inspiration that fuels you to make money is your first step. If you don’t have the reason why then don’t bother with the what or the how. Think of inspiration as the vision of your life, until it is clear to you, your confidence will not have a foundation. Your inspiration is the foundation of your confidence. If you wish to be a 1% then start thinking why?

Some visions embody their founders

Looking at Batman we can see from the movie that his level of inspiration is deep and has been buried deep in him , whether wrong or right he has been inspired enough to get prepared to a point that he is confident that he can take on superman, an impossible task to imagine for anyone. Confidence requires inspiration, and if you are inspired enough you can just gain the right method.

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Your ability to walk a certain path is determined by what you can see in front you. If the path is dark then your confidence will be low. You need to find the confidence in the method. You cannot travel a distance that you do not know hence for you to have confidence, then you have to know exactly what you need to be confident in. You cannot start a bully when you don’t have a certain flight path or  a fight plan in place. In the end the method is your confidence. Your belief is only as strong as the confidence you have in your strategy, until you know the method you might never be confident enough.

Once the fight between Batman and Superman starts, it becomes obvious that Batman’s confidence is in his method, he knows exactly how he is going to fight. Every piece of the battle ground is a plan and a confidence booster for Batman. He is not just walking on that piece of ground thinking “It’s just a fight”, but he is walking on it believing he has every chance of winning because his method is sound. As the fight carries on we begin to see that Batman has a plan.


Your confidence is equal to what you are prepared to sacrifice for. If your levels of sacrifice are not good enough then it means that your confidence is low. If you truly believe in something then you will be prepared to sacrifice several things. For example the level of sacrifice when studying will determine the  level of understanding that you will get.

Courtesy of Warner Bros

Along his journey to the fight with Superman, Batman has had to sacrifice time and effort in getting ready, getting into a physical shape which is good enough not to fight Superman but to carry the method that he needs to use. The problem is that most of us try to get in shape to equal our opponents which is wrong, instead we should get in shape to equal the method that we want to use. Don’t be preoccupied to copy your opponent, but rather be preoccupied to enhance your skills and methods, this is how you can fight Superman.

If you have watched the movie it is easy to relate to the above steps as they occurred in the movie. The fight itself is phenomenal, and yes Batman gets bruised here and there, equally superman gets bruised as well, the outcome is one of a surprise but the lesson is one of a lifetime. If you want to make money against the odds then you need to be ensue that you are ready for the battle.


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