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The grass is always greener on the other side

The grass is always greener on the other side. This is a saying that has been around for some time but can be misleading on its true meaning. Yes the grass can seem greener when you cross the fence or whatever divide exists, however there is need to understand why the grass is always greener.When you do cross to that side you then need to learn that for the grass to stay green a number of things have to happen.

1. Someone needs to water the grass

The reason why the grass is always greener on the other side is because someone works hard to make it green. The assumption when we see good things in another place is to think that things just happen. We cannot wake up and say Japan has a lot of good technology and end the analysis there, we need to understand where it would have come from.

2. The weeds need to be removed regularly

For every good thing that exists on earth it needs to be maintained and the grass is one typical example. To have a good “carpet like” grass someone needs to remove the weeds. No matter how good a system is, it will always get bugs and other inefficiencies creeping in. If we do not take care of it, you will wake up and the grass has been spoiled by different weeds that will not make sense to you. If you want your side to seem like the side that is always greener, then take care of the weeds.

3. The grass needs to be cut always

The grass will always look good when it is always green but will look even neater when cut. When one passes by the side of someone who is successful, that successful person always seems to have it all together, but what we miss is that they are always learning new things and removing those habits from themselves which make them grow out of control. It is easy to become complacent and let time take over such that you miss the target when it comes back around. A little trimming here and there is needed in order to keep the right shape.

4. The right fertilizer is needed

All plants of all types need to be motivated for awesome growth, and fertilizer is key. If you are a professional you need that regular update on the latest trends in your section. What was relevant when you started can quickly change and become irrelevant. Don’t stay with the same feed of information, grow to another level. Keep the fertilizer handy.

5. The green grass needs to be protected from intruders

There are many enemies to progress, and they will always be there. Guard your business with the latest security where possible. Read the latest privacy acts and ensure that you are protected. If you take it for granted that you will always be safe someone can come in the night and sow weeds. From time to time assess your security so that you are satisfied with where you are. The grass is always green but if you never protect it you will lose out.

Yes, the grass is greener but it can only be green because someone is doing what you are not doing on your own side and the chances are high that on your side you are guilty of not doing what needs to be done to keep the grass green.

So when you find yourself looking on the other side and admiring just how green it is, it is also important to look at yourself and ask exactly what it isĀ  that you are not doing to keep the grass green on your side. Look at your life and interrogate the things that you do daily, weekly , monthly and yearly. A few questions to ask yourself are as follows

  1. Am I doing the things that will catapult me to success or serve as a source of inspiration for improvement
  2. Am I removing the unnecessary things (habits, associates and thoughts) from my life
  3. Am I regularly reviewing my life to ensure that that I strengthen myself by working on my skills
  4. Do I have the right information feeding my mind to make me into a success
  5. Do I defend my territory such that I protect my gains from people or situations that look for my downfall.

If you are not doing these things then the grass can never be greener on your side, instead someone else will live the life that you want. Maintaining a good garden requires strength of character to have the right discipline to regularly follow a routine which enables the grass or the garden to be maintained. The absence of that discipline will always result in a garden which is full of weeds and very unattractive to anyone who passes by.

This article is taken from the book “The Five Principles of Programmed Success”

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