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Booking a hotel, 5 practical things to look out for

After travelling in different countries in the past ten years one can become an expert on booking the best hotels to stay in when travelling. You may not have the cash to stay in a five star hotel but there are some things you must not compromise on which will tell you if the selected accommodation is good for you.

1. The toilet system and bathroom

At the top of our list is the toilet and bathroom when looking at the practical things to look out for. The way they notice the small details about the bathroom will tell you a lot about how they run the hotel. ┬áIf the toilets don’t flush and the sinks have rust that is a huge warning not to expect much service from that hotel. You might not be able to view but ask for pictures at least.

2. The menu

Ever gone to a place and you discovered that their menu has nothing you can stomach hence you need to drive out every night to get something to eat. It is always good to check out the menu in cases where one is particular about food.

3. The surrounding area

I have had the displeasure of staying in a hotel which was next to a concert arena. You can imagine the celebrations were going on for the whole night and it was for two nights. Check what surrounds the hotel, it could be very key to your sleeping habits and comfort.

4. Distance of hotel from town

If you are looking to stay out of town then you must make sure that the hotel provides you with transport and if not at least check if the taxi service is affordable. Your budget might just get over strained because of the distance

5. Payment systems

If you are a card person make sure the hotel provides you with the ability to pay using card. After all, you don’t want to be surprised when it’s now time to settle and your visa is not acceptable and they tell you they need cash.

Other things

One of the best ways to review or research is by checking the online reviews, sites like trip advisor are very useful for this. See what others have said and you might pick up a few other things not on this list of practical things


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