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5 Steps to grow money on trees

Money does not grow on trees as the adage goes but when the wealthy seem to harvest it daily like a fruit tree for all seasons then when one could stand and argue that money grows on trees. How it grows on trees will depend on your understanding of what a tree is and what money is.
If you are the type of person that worships money then money will stand as a deity that you must serve, in other words your existence is then dependent on what money says or dictates. Your lifestyle will then be dictated by what money defines as your lifestyle. However if you are the type of person that believes that you are the master to money then money will serve you. Money functions according to  specific model which we need to understand by understanding how trees function.

Money is a an idea as small as a seed

Before money becomes anything significant one must understand that money is just an idea which is valued by numbers. In other words money is a perception which people are willing to exchange for. When you have an idea you have money, the question is the value that people are willing to exchange the perception for. Are they willing to exchange 10 dollars for the idea or they willing to exchange a life time of 10 dollars for it.

Money is an idea that is planted

The problem with most people is that they are walking millionaires who have not planted their idea. A seed for a tree cannot become a tree until it is planted in the right place. Until it is planted it remains just a seed. Likewise, if a billion dollar idea is not invested somewhere it is just an idea. In order to get a tree the seed must be planted, in order to get money the idea must be invested in. If you an idea to sell a book then you need to place that book in the right market. Until that idea is planted it does not have an opportunity to become reality.

Money only grows if it is attended to with resources and time

No seed grows in the absence of water and soil or the right environment. If you don’t tend to your ideas your money cannot grow. It is only when you apply effort and attention that money grows. If you own a restaurant for example if you are not putting in the hours to greet the customers to make sure that the food is just right then you cannot expect your restaurant to survive beyond the planting season. Your business needs promotion and putting in the work consistently.

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Money will only be sustained if it is protected from premature death

When you grow a tree there is always the risk that it can be cut down or be destroyed by other forces or diseases. When you have a business or money source you must take care to ensure that is is safe and is not cut down. There will be such risks as mismanagement, hostile takeovers, competition, and other factors. These will always be present so there is need for continuous risk and strategy planning to get things in the right direction.

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Money is the fruit which is the profit of your idea

The profit that you get from any tree is the fruit. Before the fruit comes the shade and the windbreak is the benefits which one gets. Before the profit is the cash flow and the revenues. When one is truly making money then one is enjoying the fruits. The result of the tree grown is the fruit, the result of money well invested is the profit. The best part about fruits is that they can be planted hence profit can be invested to grow more.
Money grows on trees for those who understand what a tree is. A tree is a symbol of sacrifice and investment which results in a reward called fruits. Those who get wealth without growing a tree quickly lose their wealth. Trees start from a seed, until that seed is understood one may not understand how to tend to the tree and the fruit may never come.

This article is taken form the book “The One Percent that Plants” available on this site

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