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How to make Millions by discovering your wealth limits

How much money do you need to say that you are now filthy rich with millions in the bank account? Most people say a figure but in truth the figure is meaningless and you might just be one of those people. To be honest not many people have any idea what “wealthy” means to them. We  rather think “wealthy” by associating the word with a famous rich person hence that becomes our target.

Your mind  practices a self defeating technique every time you ask this question. How much do you need?  You are probably going to answer this question in two ways

The extreme figure which is usually 1,000,000

In this category are people with no idea what if means to say 1,000,000 it is probably a wishful figure in their mind. Also included in this figure are those that will say 1 billion dollars, or the 100 million dollars, figures that have no real qualification but are hopeful.

The lower figure associated with your survival

On the other end are people who will say low figures that are normally associated with their salaries or their survival. So one might say $30,000  year or $5,000 a month.

The truth is we actually have figure barriers. Numbers which we will not go past. For example a person who is used to earning $3,000 a month will be scared to even think that buying a car worth $15,000 is possible instead they will think they best can save for a car between 3-8 thousand dollars. Their mind experience would not let them go beyond  this.

This figure  barrier is even more apparent in interviews where people ask for ridiculously small salaries in the hope that they secure the job.

Because that barrier exist a person will constantly sabotage themselves so that they stay in their figure range. Just when they are  posed to make a lot of savings they will take a ridiculous commitment that makes sure they stay in their figure barrier. Some people will let go of the opportunity for a promotion, some people will gamble money away all in the subconscious hope of not violating their wealth barrier. Think of celebrities that make millions and go bankrupt.

How to think wealthy

Think ten years, then think what kind of lifestyle you want, multiply it by three and twelve then multiply it by ten. Then think the value of assets you must own at a minimum and then multiply that by three also. Add these two together and that is your required money.
For example you figure per month you will need 6,000 dollars to have a very comfortable life, so we multiply this by 3

Now multiply this by 12

At this point your brain might have reached its barrier. You are might be thinking the following

a) there is no way you can make $18,000 a month
b) where on earth will you get $216,000 a year
c) or you are thinking this is too much mathematics

However this is not the end of your calculation.

Multiply by 10

Now think of this money as your operating cost, money that you need for the next ten years to live comfortably and make other investments.

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Let’s  deal with the assets

What kind of house do you want and what other assets. So you might say a four bedroom house sitting on 3 acres of land, so this might cost you $900,000 dollars. With our mathematics lets multiply by 3 and we have $2,700,000.  So in total you need

$2,700,00 + $2,160,000=$4,860,000

Why  we multiply by 3 is to cover you on insurances, taxes and other eventualities. By now your thinking is

How do I make such an amount of cash?

How to think like a Millionaire

The best way to make the money that you need is to start doing things worth  the money that you need.

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1) you can’t make the millions if you are employed in a job that earns you less than what you would want as a lifestyle in this case less than 6,000 dollars
2) you can’t make the millions if you think renting a house and not buying the real house that you would want
3) you can’t make millions if you have not calculated the figure that will mean you are wealthy
4) you can’t be wealthy until you break your personal wealth figure barrier

If you are going to make millions then start to do the things that will make you millions.  Start aiming for the lowest figure in your calculation then to the highest

1. You start by making your efforts aim for the lowest figure which is $6,000
2. Once you hit $6,000 then aim for the next low figure which is $18,000
3. Once you hit that aim for the next lowest which is $216,000
4.  Once you hit $216,000 your next figure of $2,160,000 and $2,700,000 become your excitement target

As long as you have no targets to work with your wish for wealth remains a wish.

By now you should have noticed that by calculating your wealth figures that you were actually going beyond your wealthy barriers. Once you do this you will become wealthy.

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