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Living within your means in 5 Don’ts

There is no point in driving a Benz when you can’t afford to pay your house rent. It’s easy to get lost in living outside your means and most of us do it for various reasons which are not really necessary. In time you lose a lot of money and before you know it there is no time to recover.

1. Don’t try to impress anyone

If you want to live within your means then forget about impressing people. The moment you start trying to impress people that’s the moment you start losing money and spending it on unnecessary expenses.

2. Don’t try too hard to fit in

A sure way to spend money that you cannot afford is to try too hard to fit in. This will only lead you to try and keep up appearances, you may not be trying to impress but you still need to look like you belong. So to belong you have to buy things that may not be in your budget

3. Don’t say yes to a sales person for something you don’t need

This is not hating on sales people but never say yes to something you don’t like. The moment you say yes you will probably buy more stuff. Learn to say no to things that you don’t need.

4. Don’t commit to long term financial payments that take up 60% of your income

It’s one thing to want to achieve certain dreams but its another thing to live in pain all the time. Avoid taking long term commitments that force you to live under frustration. Where you don’t have a choice you might have to take the commitment but try to negotiate payment terms.

5.  Don’t let people decide for you

One way to get buried in debt or financial problems is to let other people tell you what you can afford. Be your own person, there is nothing wrong in listening to advice but you must always make the final decision.

These 5 don’ts are not complicated they are just  a decision one must make.  Living within your means is not that hard it just takes discipline and commitment.

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