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One of these 5 things is stopping you from saving money

In our eBook “21 Ways to Save Money” we explore the 5 things that stop us from saving money. These are the main categories that we have noticed exist in most people. So most people will have one of these or more than one of these.

 1. Lack of Commitment to ourselves

Let us look at the different things that stop us from saving. We are committed to paying for our TV subscriptions, our wedding gifts, church offerings and other things but we never seem to look at ourselves as needing that commitment.  You also deserve a holiday, saving 30 dollars a month can help you to get there. We have to think different and find the discipline to move forward

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2. Emotions

Once or often we get angry, sad or jealous which pushes us to feel we need to reward ourselves even though it’s not in our current budget or expectation. So we spend more and in no time at all we are broke or our budget is out of shape. Our emotions are very powerful and can sneak on us such that we do things we had not planned. There is nothing wrong in spoiling yourself but when it becomes a habit that stops you from saving, then you need to think twice.

3. I don’t earn enough

Many people lose out on life and the best years of their lives because they are waiting for the best conditions to set in. For all you know you might never earn enough to start saving, why not start now. Time waits for no one, you have to make things happen. Opportunities are not about them coming to you all the time, sometimes you have to create the opportunity. Don’t wait for tomorrow which has its own worries, start saving today. The world will never be enough but you will always have enough chances to do what you need to do. Do it now, save today?


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4. No financial Targets

Life can pass so quickly in no time at all the year will be done and no resolutions will be fulfilled. When we don’t set real financial goals we tend to just drift in and out of the year. There is more satisfaction in life in being able to set yourself a goal and meeting it. The goal of course must mean something to us. Where there are no real quantifiable financial goals saving can be next to impossible. Have you set real financial goals or are you so overwhelmed with life you are always injured. Until you decide on a goal, you will spend life complaining about everything while others are building their houses. Save for a holiday, you too can go to Chinhoyi caves, Mbizi, Chengeta, Domoshava, Victoria falls. Stop waiting for tomorrow, make tomorrow happen by investing into today.


5. Your Environment

Believe it or not but your environment has a big impact on how much you can save. Your environment includes people and places. If your self-control is weak then the places you go will seem like they encourage you to spend. The same can be said about the company that you keep. If you are hanging with the wrong people your financial goals you will lose. You might be the one that ends up buying, or going to places that your wallet is not ready for. Whatever is the case, your environment plays a big part in your ability to save. Look at your friends and where you normally spend money, and there is one of the reasons why you fail to save.


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